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User ChartArchive has submitted artwork for She's Always A Woman by Billy Joel.
Release Type: Single
Dimensions: 705x705 view here.
Submitted: 30/10/2010
Please review the image and if it is the correct artwork for the release, is not a duplicate and is of a reasonable quality then approve it.

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05/02/2011 08:13:12alex1150 
06/02/2011 02:59:00Gaz000+1 
09/02/2011 07:23:39skadecka-1 
11/02/2011 06:04:42adamw20060 
12/02/2011 02:12:25ROBERT+1 
12/02/2011 14:03:21hitparade-1I can see the idea, but he didn't look like that when he recorded it.
14/02/2011 12:38:21David-1 
17/02/2011 16:21:36elvis20010 
21/02/2011 07:58:16mazadillon-10