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User DanArmstrong has suggested that Deuces ft Tyga/k Mccall by "Chris Brown" is a duplicate release and should be deleted. It's data will be merged into Deuces by "Chris Brown".
Please check both releases to make sure they are indeed duplicates.

Voting for this edit has been closed, the edit was approved and changes have been implemented on the site.

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14/03/2012 07:43:36DanArmstrong+1 
14/03/2012 14:25:02RobertPeters+1 
15/03/2012 14:12:47Borza0 
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16/03/2012 13:09:54hitparadeblog+1 
29/03/2012 13:31:16slat70+1 
10/04/2012 13:51:20flahr0 
16/04/2012 12:46:21DH750 
12/05/2012 03:02:51mazadillon+10