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User havemeforty has suggested that Here I Go Again {1987} by "Whitesnake" is a duplicate release and should be deleted. It's data will be merged into Here I Go Again/Bloody Luxury by "Whitesnake".
Please check both releases to make sure they are indeed duplicates.

Voting for this edit has been closed, the edit was rejected

Votes: 7 Status: -12/10

05/11/2012 14:19:58havemeforty+1 
06/11/2012 04:02:25cotnob1-1 
06/11/2012 13:22:32DamienMildury-1The 1987 release is a different version
07/11/2012 02:03:43LynPaulFan+1 
09/11/2012 13:14:08liamkell97-1 
10/11/2012 03:32:24hitparadeblog-1Yes, the 1987 one is re-recorded
10/11/2012 04:25:40mazadillon-10