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User flahr has suggested that the correct title for Allelujah Don't Bend Ascend by Godspeed You Black Emperor should be "'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!". If you think this is incorrect then please reject the edit.

Voting for this edit has been closed, the edit was approved and changes have been implemented on the site.

Votes: 8 Status: 17/10

23/10/2012 07:34:34cotnob1+1 
23/10/2012 08:35:43flahr+1 
24/10/2012 02:27:54LynPaulFan+1 
24/10/2012 09:41:36havemeforty+1 
25/10/2012 08:27:06VelvetAndroid+1Meanwhile, where do we put the ! in the band's name this week??
27/10/2012 20:27:11DamienMildury+1 
30/10/2012 15:53:37hitparadeblog+1 
10/11/2012 05:08:51mazadillon+10