Frank Sinatra

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Total Releases: 102
Chart Appearances: 1291
Highest Chart Entry: 1
First Chart Appearance: 10/07/1954
Number One Singles: 2
Number One Albums: 4
Total Top 10 Singles: 10
Total Top 10 Albums: 38
Total Top 40 Singles: 29
Total Top 40 Albums: 62
 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Young At HeartYoung At Heart10/07/195410/07/1954121
Three Coins In The FountainThree Coins In The Fountain17/07/195420/11/1954119
 You My Love11/06/195520/08/1955137
Learnin' The BluesLearnin' The Blues06/08/195529/10/1955213
Not As A StrangerNot As A Stranger03/09/195503/09/1955181
Love And MarriageLove And Marriage14/01/195603/03/195638
(Love Is) The Tender Trap(Love Is) The Tender Trap21/01/195617/03/195629
Songs For Swingin' Lovers (LP)Songs For Swingin' Lovers (LP)16/06/195604/08/1956128
All The Way/ChicagoAll The Way/Chicago23/11/195705/04/1958320
Mr SuccessMr Success15/11/195803/01/1959254
French Foreign LegionFrench Foreign Legion11/04/195909/05/1959185
Come Dance With Me (LP)Come Dance With Me (LP)16/05/195916/05/1959301
High HopesHigh Hopes29/08/195912/03/1960615
 It's Nice To Go Trav'ling09/04/196016/04/1960482
River Stay 'Way From My DoorRiver Stay 'Way From My Door18/06/196013/08/1960189
Nice 'N' EasyNice 'N' Easy10/09/196026/11/19601512
Ol' MacDonaldOl' MacDonald26/11/196014/01/1961118
 My Blue Heaven22/04/196103/06/1961337
 The Coffee Song25/11/196109/12/1961393
 Everybody's Twisting07/04/196223/06/19622212
Strangers In The NightStrangers In The Night14/05/196624/09/1966120
Summer WindSummer Wind01/10/196629/10/1966365
That's LifeThat's Life17/12/196614/01/1967445
The World We KnewThe World We Knew26/08/196704/11/19673311
My WayMy Way05/04/196901/01/19725122
Love's Been Good To MeLove's Been Good To Me04/10/196931/01/1970818
I Will Drink The WineI Will Drink The Wine06/03/197122/05/19711612
I Believe I'm Gonna Love YouI Believe I'm Gonna Love You20/12/197531/01/1976347
Theme From New York New YorkTheme From New York New York09/08/198030/08/1980594
Theme From New York, New YorkTheme From New York, New York22/02/198626/04/1986410
 Strangers In The Night {1986}03/05/198603/05/1986951
My Way {1994}My Way {1994}16/04/199423/04/1994452
They All LaughedThey All Laughed30/01/199930/01/1999411

 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Songs For Swingin' Lovers!Songs For Swingin' Lovers!28/07/195602/07/1960135
This Is SinatraThis Is Sinatra16/02/195711/05/1957113
Close To YouClose To You25/05/195720/07/195729
A Swingin' AffairA Swingin' Affair07/09/195708/02/1958120
Where Are You?Where Are You?01/03/195829/03/195835
This Is Sinatra (Volume 2)This Is Sinatra (Volume 2)21/06/195806/09/1958312
Come Fly With MeCome Fly With Me13/09/195807/03/1959226
The Frank Sinatra StoryThe Frank Sinatra Story29/11/195829/11/195881
Frank Sinatra Sings For Only The LonelyFrank Sinatra Sings For Only The Lonely13/12/195828/03/1959513
Come Dance With MeCome Dance With Me16/05/195911/03/1961230
Look To Your HeartLook To Your Heart22/08/195931/10/195958
Come Back To SorrentoCome Back To Sorrento11/06/196027/08/196069
Swing EasySwing Easy29/10/196015/04/1961517
Nice 'n' EasyNice 'n' Easy21/01/196112/08/1961428
Sinatra SouvenirSinatra Souvenir15/07/196115/07/1961181
When Your Lover Has GoneWhen Your Lover Has Gone19/08/196121/10/1961610
Sinatra'S Swinging SessionSinatra'S Swinging Session23/09/196110/02/196268
Sinatra SwingsSinatra Swings28/10/196116/12/196188
Sinatra PlusSinatra Plus25/11/196120/01/196279
Come Swing With MeCome Swing With Me17/02/196217/03/1962134
I Remember TommyI Remember Tommy07/04/196228/07/19621012
Sinatra And StringsSinatra And Strings09/06/196220/10/1962620
Great Songs From Great BritainGreat Songs From Great Britain27/10/196205/01/1963129
Sinatra With Swinging BrassSinatra With Swinging Brass29/12/196209/03/19631411
Concert SinatraConcert Sinatra27/07/196328/12/1963818
Sinatra's SinatraSinatra's Sinatra05/10/196311/04/1964724
It Might As Well Be SwingIt Might As Well Be Swing19/09/196407/11/1964174
Softly As I Leave YouSoftly As I Leave You20/03/196520/03/1965201
A Man And His MusicA Man And His Music22/01/196628/05/1966919
Moonlight SinatraMoonlight Sinatra21/05/196609/07/1966188
Strangers In The NightStrangers In The Night02/07/196629/10/1966418
Sinatra At The SandsSinatra At The Sands01/10/196628/01/1967718
Sings Music For PleasureSings Music For Pleasure03/12/196610/12/1966262
That'S LifeThat'S Life25/02/196713/05/19672212
Frank SinatraFrank Sinatra07/10/196704/11/1967285
Greatest Hits - Frank SinatraGreatest Hits - Frank Sinatra19/10/196817/07/1971830
Best Of Frank SinatraBest Of Frank Sinatra07/12/196808/02/19691710
My WayMy Way07/06/196908/01/1972252
A Man AloneA Man Alone04/10/196922/11/1969187
Greatest Hits Vol.2Greatest Hits Vol.212/12/197029/07/1972653
Sinatra And CompanySinatra And Company05/06/197124/07/197198
Frank Sinatra Sings Rodgers And HartFrank Sinatra Sings Rodgers And Hart27/11/197127/11/1971351
Ol' Blue Eyes Is BackOl' Blue Eyes Is Back01/12/197323/02/19741213
Some Nice Things I've MissedSome Nice Things I've Missed17/08/197431/08/1974353
Main EventMain Event15/02/197501/03/1975302
The Best Of Ol' Blue EyesThe Best Of Ol' Blue Eyes14/06/197528/06/1975293
Portrait Of SinatraPortrait Of Sinatra19/03/197723/07/1977118
20 Golden Greats - Frank Sinatra20 Golden Greats - Frank Sinatra13/05/197822/07/1978411
New York New York (His Greatest Hits)New York New York (His Greatest Hits)22/03/198607/06/19861312
The Frank Sinatra CollectionThe Frank Sinatra Collection04/10/198601/11/1986405
Duets IIDuets II26/11/199431/12/1994296
This is Frank Sinatra - 1953-1957This is Frank Sinatra - 1953-195711/03/199511/03/1995561
Sinatra 80th all the bestSinatra 80th all the best02/12/199530/12/1995495
My Way - The Best Of Frank SinatraMy Way - The Best Of Frank Sinatra16/08/199713/05/20067120
Songs for swingin loversSongs for swingin lovers30/05/199830/05/1998631
Classic Sinatra (His Great Performances 1953-1960)Classic Sinatra (His Great Performances 1953-1960)24/06/200005/08/2000107
Songs For Swinging LoversSongs For Swinging Lovers06/10/200106/10/2001711
My Way - The Best OfMy Way - The Best Of29/12/200125/11/2006194
A Fine Romance - The Love Songs OfA Fine Romance - The Love Songs Of09/02/200222/02/200369
The Platinum CollectionThe Platinum Collection28/08/200418/09/2004114
Duets and Duets II (90th Birthday Limited Collector's Edition)Duets and Duets II (90th Birthday Limited Collector's Edition)25/03/200625/03/2006651
Nothing But The BestNothing But The Best24/05/200821/06/2008105
Sinatra - Best Of The BestSinatra - Best Of The Best26/11/201103/03/20123015