Various Artists

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Total Releases: 688
Chart Appearances: 5608
Highest Chart Entry: 1
First Chart Appearance: 16/06/1956
Number One Singles: 1
Number One Albums: 31
Total Top 10 Singles: 3
Total Top 10 Albums: 165
Total Top 40 Singles: 10
Total Top 40 Albums: 447
 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Carousel-Original Soundtrack (LP)Carousel-Original Soundtrack (LP)16/06/195607/07/1956262
All Star Hit Parade (EP)All Star Hit Parade (EP)30/06/195625/08/195629
All Star Hit Parade No 2 (EP)All Star Hit Parade No 2 (EP)27/07/195707/09/1957157
Midnight CowboyMidnight Cowboy08/11/198029/11/1980474
BBC Snooker Themes EPBBC Snooker Themes EP19/05/198426/05/1984902
The WordThe Word03/10/198703/10/1987861
The Brits 1990The Brits 199003/03/199014/04/199027
Freedom To PartyFreedom To Party28/07/199004/08/1990852
The Apple (EP)The Apple (EP)02/11/199102/11/1991601
Fourplay (EP)Fourplay (EP)11/07/199218/07/1992452
Gimme Shelter (EP)Gimme Shelter (EP)24/04/199315/05/1993234
Subplates Volume 1Subplates Volume 105/06/199305/06/1993691
Help EPHelp EP04/11/199511/11/1995512
New York Undercover 4-Track EPNew York Undercover 4-Track EP16/03/199616/03/1996391
Feverpitch EPFeverpitch EP10/05/199710/05/1997651
Perfect DayPerfect Day29/11/199725/04/1998121
The Full Monty - Monster MixThe Full Monty - Monster Mix12/09/199812/09/1998621
 Free Trade EP 226/09/199826/09/1998751
It's Only Rock 'N' RollIt's Only Rock 'N' Roll25/12/199904/03/20001910
Perfect Day {2000}Perfect Day {2000}17/06/200017/06/2000691
 Hard Beat EP 1910/11/200110/11/2001711
DJ Nation - Harder EditionDJ Nation - Harder Edition15/11/200329/11/2003483
United Nations Of House - Volume 1United Nations Of House - Volume 119/11/200519/11/2005711
Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)03/12/200510/12/2005282
Tribute To JinkyTribute To Jinky08/04/200622/04/2006283
 Do They Know It's Christmas 84/8908/12/200708/12/2007821
Clubbers Guide Summer 2009Clubbers Guide Summer 200920/06/200920/06/2009971
 Wavin' Flag26/06/201026/06/2010891

 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Curtain UpCurtain Up09/05/195901/08/1959413
Great Motion Picture ThemesGreat Motion Picture Themes10/03/196210/03/1962191
Honey Hit ParadeHoney Hit Parade23/06/196222/12/1962137
All The Hits By All The StarsAll The Hits By All The Stars01/12/196222/12/1962192
That Was The Week That WasThat Was The Week That Was02/03/196327/04/1963119
All Star FestivalAll Star Festival09/03/196320/07/1963419
The Mersey Beat Volume 1The Mersey Beat Volume 124/08/196321/09/1963175
The Best Of Radio LuxumbourgThe Best Of Radio Luxumbourg14/09/196321/09/1963142
Hitsville Volume 2Hitsville Volume 209/11/196323/11/1963162
The Blues Vol.1The Blues Vol.104/01/196423/05/1964154
Ready Steady GoReady Steady Go08/02/196408/02/1964201
Folk Festival Of The BluesFolk Festival Of The Blues22/02/196402/05/1964164
Stars From Stars And GartersStars From Stars And Garters28/03/196404/04/1964172
Out Came The BluesOut Came The Blues16/05/196416/05/1964191
The Blues Volume 2The Blues Volume 230/05/196413/06/1964163
A Collection Of Tamla Motown HitsA Collection Of Tamla Motown Hits03/04/196508/05/1965164
Solid Gold SoulSolid Gold Soul02/04/196625/02/19671227
Stars Charity FantasiaStars Charity Fantasia10/09/196614/01/1967616
Midnight SoulMidnight Soul05/11/196609/09/19672219
Stereo Musicale ShowcaseStereo Musicale Showcase10/12/196617/12/1966262
16 Original Big Hits Volume 416 Original Big Hits Volume 404/03/196718/03/1967333
Hit The Road StaxHit The Road Stax08/04/196712/08/19671016
Thrill To The Sensational Sounds Of Super StereoThrill To The Sensational Sounds Of Super Stereo20/05/196724/02/19682030
Tamla Motown Hits Volume 5Tamla Motown Hits Volume 517/06/196716/03/19681140
Club Ska '67Club Ska '6726/08/196703/05/1980378
British Motown ChartbustersBritish Motown Chartbusters21/10/196726/10/1968254
Stars Of '68Stars Of '6810/02/196824/02/1968233
Motown MemoriesMotown Memories10/02/196808/04/19722117
Blues AnytimeBlues Anytime11/05/196811/05/1968401
Tamla Motown Hits Volume 6Tamla Motown Hits Volume 624/08/196831/08/1968322
British Motown Chartbusters Vol.2British Motown Chartbusters Vol.230/11/196808/02/1969811
Hit HitsHit Hits08/03/196908/03/1969131
Living Presence StereoLiving Presence Stereo08/03/196908/03/1969171
Phase Four Stereo SamplerPhase Four Stereo Sampler08/03/196908/03/1969231
This is SoulThis is Soul08/03/196904/05/19851623
The World Of HitsThe World Of Hits08/03/196908/03/196951
Top Of The PopsTop Of The Pops08/03/196908/03/1969251
You Can All Join InYou Can All Join In14/06/196916/08/19691810
The Rock Machine Turns You OnThe Rock Machine Turns You On28/06/196930/08/1969187
The World Of Blues PowerThe World Of Blues Power28/06/196906/09/1969246
Rock Machine I Love YouRock Machine I Love You28/06/196923/08/1969155
The World Of Brass BandsThe World Of Brass Bands05/07/196904/10/19691311
The World Of OliverThe World Of Oliver30/08/196904/10/1969234
The World Of Hits Vol.2The World Of Hits Vol.206/09/196904/10/196975
The World Of Progressive Music (Wowie Zowie)The World Of Progressive Music (Wowie Zowie)20/09/196927/09/1969172
The World Of Phase 4 StereoThe World Of Phase 4 Stereo20/09/196927/09/1969292
Motown Chartbusters Vol.3Motown Chartbusters Vol.325/10/196923/09/1972185
Collection Of Big Hits Vol.8Collection Of Big Hits Vol.821/02/197021/02/1970561
Edinburgh Military Tattoo 1970Edinburgh Military Tattoo 197012/09/197003/10/1970344
Motown Chartbusters Vol.4Motown Chartbusters Vol.424/10/197012/06/1971127
Easy ListeningEasy Listening06/02/197120/03/1971167
Reggae Chartbusters Vol.2Reggae Chartbusters Vol.227/02/197127/02/1971271
Motown Chartbusters Vol.5Motown Chartbusters Vol.517/04/197110/06/1972136
Hot Hits 5Hot Hits 507/08/197107/08/1971481
Hot Hits 6Hot Hits 607/08/197118/09/197117
Million Seller HitsMillion Seller Hits07/08/197121/08/1971462
Top Of The Pops Volume 18Top Of The Pops Volume 1807/08/197123/10/1971112
Top Of The Pops Volume 17Top Of The Pops Volume 1707/08/197121/08/1971163
The World Of Your 100 Best TunesThe World Of Your 100 Best Tunes07/08/197101/01/19721022
Tighten Up Vol.4Tighten Up Vol.407/08/197109/10/1971209
Club ReggaeClub Reggae21/08/197111/09/1971254
Smash Hits Supremes StyleSmash Hits Supremes Style21/08/197121/08/1971491
Total SoundTotal Sound04/09/197111/12/1971394
Edinburgh Military Tattoo 1971Edinburgh Military Tattoo 197118/09/197118/09/1971441
Top Of The Pops Volume 19Top Of The Pops Volume 1902/10/197127/11/197139
The World Of Your 100 Best Tunes Vol.2The World Of Your 100 Best Tunes Vol.209/10/197101/01/1972913
The A To Z Of Easy ListeningThe A To Z Of Easy Listening09/10/197130/10/1971224
Pye ChartbustersPye Chartbusters16/10/197116/10/1971361
Hot Hits 7Hot Hits 723/10/197118/12/197139
Motown Chartbusters Vol.6Motown Chartbusters Vol.623/10/197119/08/1972236
Studio Two ClassicsStudio Two Classics30/10/197120/11/1971164
Smash Hits Country StyleSmash Hits Country Style06/11/197106/11/1971381
Top Of The Pops Volume 20Top Of The Pops Volume 2013/11/197101/01/197218
Smash Hits 71Smash Hits 7104/12/197118/12/1971213
Hot Hits 8Hot Hits 811/12/197101/01/197224
Electronic Organs TodayElectronic Organs Today11/12/197111/12/1971481
Pye Chartbusters Vol.2Pye Chartbusters Vol.218/12/197101/01/1972293
Concert For BangladeshConcert For Bangladesh22/01/197215/04/1972113
Motown StoryMotown Story18/03/197228/05/1977218
The New Age Of AtlanticThe New Age Of Atlantic25/03/197225/03/1972251
The Music PeopleThe Music People20/05/197229/07/1972109
20 Dynamic Hits20 Dynamic Hits10/06/197206/01/1973128
20 Fantastic Hits20 Fantastic Hits29/07/197220/01/1973124
20 All Time Greats Of The 50's20 All Time Greats Of The 50's07/10/197217/03/1973122
20 Star Tracks20 Star Tracks21/10/197220/01/1973213
The BBC 1922-1972 (TV And Radio Extracts)The BBC 1922-1972 (TV And Radio Extracts)04/11/197230/12/1972167
22 Dynamic Hits Vol.222 Dynamic Hits Vol.225/11/197210/02/1973212
20 Fantastic Hits Vol.220 Fantastic Hits Vol.225/11/197203/03/1973214
Motown Chartbusters Vol.7Motown Chartbusters Vol.725/11/197224/03/1973916
25 Rockin' And Rollin' Greats25 Rockin' And Rollin' Greats02/12/197207/04/1973118
20 Flashback Greats Of The Sixties20 Flashback Greats Of The Sixties31/03/197314/07/1973111
40 Fantastic Hits From The 50's And 60's40 Fantastic Hits From The 50's And 60's07/04/197314/07/1973215
Believe In MusicBelieve In Music21/04/197309/06/197328
20 Fantastic Hits Vol.320 Fantastic Hits Vol.326/05/197321/07/197338
20 Original Chart Hits20 Original Chart Hits02/06/197311/08/1973911
Nice 'N' EasyNice 'N' Easy02/06/197302/06/1973361
Pure GoldPure Gold02/06/197311/08/1973111
That'll Be The DayThat'll Be The Day23/06/197311/08/197318
Motown Chartbusters Vol.8Motown Chartbusters Vol.803/11/197302/03/1974915
Music For A Royal WeddingMusic For A Royal Wedding08/12/197312/01/197476
American GraffitiAmerican Graffiti27/04/197427/04/1974371
Atlantic Black GoldAtlantic Black Gold22/06/197410/08/1974237
Motown Chartbusters Volume 9Motown Chartbusters Volume 926/10/197408/03/19751415
BBC TV's Best Of Top Of The PopsBBC TV's Best Of Top Of The Pops04/01/197515/02/1975215
Solid Soul SensationSolid Soul Sensation15/03/197515/03/1975301
Never Too Young To RockNever Too Young To Rock16/08/197513/09/1975305
40 Singalong Pub Songs40 Singalong Pub Songs27/09/197508/11/1975217
The World Of Your 100 Best Tunes Vol.10The World Of Your 100 Best Tunes Vol.1027/09/197525/10/1975414
Motown GoldMotown Gold01/11/197528/08/1976835
Blazing BulletsBlazing Bullets08/11/197503/01/1976179
Goofy GreatsGoofy Greats08/11/197520/12/1975197
Disco Hits '75Disco Hits '7515/11/197524/01/1976511
All Time Party HitsAll Time Party Hits29/11/197517/01/1976218
Greatest Hits Of Walt DisneyGreatest Hits Of Walt Disney06/12/197515/01/19771112
The Top 25 From Your 100 Best TunesThe Top 25 From Your 100 Best Tunes13/12/197510/01/1976215
40 Super Greats40 Super Greats13/12/197507/02/197698
A Christmas GiftA Christmas Gift13/12/197510/01/1976395
Strings Of ScotlandStrings Of Scotland27/12/197510/01/1976343
Star Trackin' 76Star Trackin' 7624/01/197621/02/197695
Music ExpressMusic Express31/01/197603/04/1976310
Reggae Chartbusters '75Reggae Chartbusters '7531/01/197631/01/1976531
By Invitation OnlyBy Invitation Only03/04/197615/05/1976176
Juke Box JiveJuke Box Jive10/04/197603/07/1976313
Instrumental GoldInstrumental Gold17/04/197608/01/1977324
Great Italian Love SongsGreat Italian Love Songs17/04/197627/11/19761714
Hit MachineHit Machine15/05/197621/03/1981416
A Touch Of CountryA Touch Of Country22/05/197610/07/197678
Hamilton's Hot ShotsHamilton's Hot Shots29/05/197626/06/1976155
Golden Fiddle Awards 1976Golden Fiddle Awards 197603/07/197610/07/1976452
Summer CruisingSummer Cruising02/10/197602/10/1976301
Country ComfortCountry Comfort16/10/197601/01/1977812
Soul MotionSoul Motion16/10/197608/01/1977113
Forty ManiaForty Mania06/11/197611/12/1976216
All This And World War IIAll This And World War II27/11/197608/01/1977237
Disco RocketDisco Rocket04/12/197605/03/1977314
44 Superstars44 Superstars11/12/197626/02/19771410
Songs Of PraiseSongs Of Praise08/01/197726/02/1977312
Hit SceneHit Scene29/01/197712/03/1977195
Dance To The MusicDance To The Music19/02/197723/04/197759
Rock OnRock On26/03/197711/06/19771610
Hit ActionHit Action07/05/197702/07/1977159
Rule BritanniaRule Britannia02/07/197702/07/1977561
The Roxy London WC2The Roxy London WC216/07/197713/08/1977245
New WaveNew Wave06/08/197729/10/19771112
Ten Years Of Hits - Radio OneTen Years Of Hits - Radio One22/10/197705/11/1977393
Soul CitySoul City29/10/197710/12/1977127
Motown Gold Vol.2Motown Gold Vol.205/11/197721/01/1978284
Disco FeverDisco Fever26/11/197708/04/1978120
Black JoyBlack Joy26/11/197708/04/19782613
40 Number One Hits40 Number One Hits21/01/197804/03/1978157
Disco StarsDisco Stars04/03/197822/04/197868
Fonzie'S FavouritesFonzie'S Favourites11/03/197824/06/1978816
Stiff'S Live StiffsStiff'S Live Stiffs11/03/197822/04/1978287
Boogie NightsBoogie Nights18/03/197829/04/197857
Hope And Anchor Front Row FestivalHope And Anchor Front Row Festival25/03/197815/04/1978283
Pennies From HeavenPennies From Heaven08/04/197806/01/19791017
Disco DoubleDisco Double10/06/197826/08/19781010
White MansionsWhite Mansions17/06/197822/07/1978513
More Pennies From HeavenMore Pennies From Heaven01/07/197826/08/1978314
The World'S Worst Record ShowThe World'S Worst Record Show08/07/197822/07/1978472
Rock RulesRock Rules08/07/197816/09/19781211
Star PartyStar Party19/08/197814/10/197849
Big Wheels Of MotownBig Wheels Of Motown07/10/197824/02/1979219
Satin CitySatin City21/10/197830/12/19781010
Don't Walk - BoogieDon't Walk - Boogie18/11/197821/04/1979123
Boogie FeverBoogie Fever18/11/197827/01/19791511
Midnight HustleMidnight Hustle25/11/197817/02/1979213
Love SongsLove Songs25/11/197823/02/19852019
Black VelvetBlack Velvet02/12/197816/12/1978723
Stars On Sunday By RequestStars On Sunday By Request09/12/197830/12/1978653
Action ReplayAction Replay20/01/197921/04/1979114
20 Of Another Kind20 Of Another Kind24/02/197910/03/1979453
Lemon PopsicleLemon Popsicle31/03/197911/08/1979426
Country PortraitsCountry Portraits07/04/197909/06/19791410
Disco InfernoDisco Inferno07/04/197902/06/1979119
Country LifeCountry Life21/04/197921/07/1979214
Hi EnergyHi Energy05/05/197916/06/1979177
Boogie BusBoogie Bus19/05/197928/07/19792311
A Monument To British RockA Monument To British Rock26/05/197911/08/19791312
Knuckle SandwichKnuckle Sandwich02/06/197907/07/1979196
This Is ItThis Is It02/06/197925/08/1979612
That SummerThat Summer09/06/197904/08/1979368
Rock LegendsRock Legends09/06/197920/12/19865410
The Best Disco Album In The WorldThe Best Disco Album In The World21/07/197903/11/1979116
Hot TracksHot Tracks22/09/197924/11/1979317
Rock 'N Roller DiscoRock 'N Roller Disco03/11/197912/01/1980311
Mods Mayday 79Mods Mayday 7903/11/197903/11/1979751
20 Smash Disco Hits (The Bitch)20 Smash Disco Hits (The Bitch)10/11/197908/12/1979395
Night MovesNight Moves24/11/197917/11/19841021
Peace In The ValleyPeace In The Valley08/12/197910/01/1981616
All AboardAll Aboard15/12/197902/02/1980138
Military GoldMilitary Gold22/12/197905/01/1980723
The Secret Policeman's BallThe Secret Policeman's Ball05/01/198009/02/1980336
Video StarsVideo Stars12/01/198015/03/1980510
The SummitThe Summit26/01/198023/02/1980175
The Last DanceThe Last Dance02/02/198005/07/1980123
Captain Beaky And His BandCaptain Beaky And His Band09/02/198026/04/19802812
Country GuitarCountry Guitar16/02/198001/03/1980463
Metal For MuthasMetal For Muthas23/02/198012/04/1980167
First LoveFirst Love23/02/198005/04/1980582
The WanderersThe Wanderers08/03/198012/07/1980487
Star TracksStar Tracks29/03/198017/05/198068
First Ladies Of CountryFirst Ladies Of Country19/04/198024/05/1980376
Good Morning AmericaGood Morning America26/04/198012/07/19801512
Champagne And RosesChampagne And Roses03/05/198002/08/1980714
Magic ReggaeMagic Reggae17/05/198006/09/1980917
Happy DaysHappy Days17/05/198021/06/1980196
Precious MetalPrecious Metal24/05/198031/05/1980602
Hot WaxHot Wax14/06/198016/08/1980310
Metal For Muthas 2Metal For Muthas 214/06/198014/06/1980581
Killer WattsKiller Watts21/06/198026/07/1980276
The 20Th Anniversary AlbumThe 20Th Anniversary Album02/08/198009/08/1980532
I Am WomanI Am Woman30/08/198022/11/19801113
Mounting ExcitementMounting Excitement27/09/198015/11/198028
The Love AlbumThe Love Album11/10/198028/12/1985621
Country Round UpCountry Round Up11/10/198025/10/1980643
Monsters Of RockMonsters Of Rock18/10/198015/11/1980165
Street LevelStreet Level25/10/198022/11/1980295
Axe AttackAxe Attack25/10/198024/01/19811514
Country LegendsCountry Legends08/11/198010/01/1981910
Chart ExplosionChart Explosion15/11/198031/01/1981612
Cash CowsCash Cows22/11/198022/11/1980491
Space InvadersSpace Invaders29/11/198013/12/1980473
The Legendary Big BandsThe Legendary Big Bands06/12/198010/01/1981246
The HitmakersThe Hitmakers06/12/198017/01/1981457
Some Bizzare AlbumSome Bizzare Album14/03/198114/03/1981581
Rhythm n' ReggaeRhythm n' Reggae21/03/198111/04/1981424
Roll OnRoll On04/04/198127/06/1981313
Bitter SuiteBitter Suite04/04/198118/04/1981553
Concerts For The People Of KampucheaConcerts For The People Of Kampuchea11/04/198118/04/1981392
 Chartbusters '8125/04/198120/06/198139
Axe Attack 2Axe Attack 202/05/198127/06/1981316
Disco Daze And Disco NitesDisco Daze And Disco Nites09/05/198110/10/1981123
Strength Through OiStrength Through Oi30/05/198127/06/1981515
Music Of CosmosMusic Of Cosmos01/08/198103/10/19814310
The Royal RomanceThe Royal Romance08/08/198108/08/1981841
California DreamingCalifornia Dreaming29/08/198107/11/19812711
Super Hits 1 & 2Super Hits 1 & 219/09/198109/01/1982217
Dance Dance DanceDance Dance Dance19/09/198117/10/1981295
The Platinum AlbumThe Platinum Album03/10/198112/12/19813211
Love Is...Love Is...10/10/198123/01/19821016
Monster TracksMonster Tracks17/10/198105/12/1981208
Country Sunrise/Country SunsetCountry Sunrise/Country Sunset24/10/198102/01/19822711
Carry On OiCarry On Oi31/10/198121/11/1981604
Rock HouseRock House14/11/198109/01/1982449
Disco EroticaDisco Erotica14/11/198102/01/1982358
Chart Hits '81Chart Hits '8121/11/198106/03/1982116
Slip StreamSlip Stream21/11/198105/12/1981723
Misty MorningsMisty Mornings12/12/198109/01/1982445
Live And HeavyLive And Heavy12/12/198119/12/19811002
The Secret Policeman'S Other BallThe Secret Policeman'S Other Ball12/12/198102/01/1982694
Memories Are Made Of ThisMemories Are Made Of This12/12/198102/01/1982844
We Are Most AmusedWe Are Most Amused19/12/198113/02/1982309
Hits Hits HitsHits Hits Hits26/12/198127/02/1982210
Modern DanceModern Dance09/01/198213/03/1982610
Action TraxAction Trax06/03/198222/05/1982211
20 With A Bullet20 With A Bullet13/03/198201/05/1982118
The Secret Policeman's Other Ball (The Music)The Secret Policeman's Other Ball (The Music)20/03/198217/04/1982295
Punk And DisorderlyPunk And Disorderly27/03/198215/05/1982488
James Bond's Greatest HitsJames Bond's Greatest Hits27/03/198226/06/1982413
Ps I Love YouPs I Love You10/04/198224/04/1982683
Music Of Quality And Distinction (Vol 1)Music Of Quality And Distinction (Vol 1)17/04/198222/05/1982256
Disco UK And Disco USADisco UK And Disco USA24/04/198226/06/198279
Midnight HourMidnight Hour01/05/198201/05/1982981
Sex Sweat And BloodSex Sweat And Blood15/05/198215/05/1982881
Turbo TraxTurbo Trax03/07/198214/08/1982177
 Soul Daze/Soul Nites28/08/198230/10/19822510
The Number One Sounds Of The SeventiesThe Number One Sounds Of The Seventies04/09/198204/09/1982831
Punk And Disorderly (Further Charges)Punk And Disorderly (Further Charges)04/09/198211/09/1982912
The Best Of British Jazz Funk Volume 2The Best Of British Jazz Funk Volume 211/09/198202/10/1982444
Chart Beat Chart HeatChart Beat Chart Heat11/09/198211/12/1982214
Oi Oi That's Yer LotOi Oi That's Yer Lot25/09/198216/10/1982544
Modern HeroesModern Heroes02/10/198213/11/1982247
 Endless Love09/10/198227/11/1982268
Chart AttackChart Attack16/10/198220/11/198276
 Best Friends16/10/198212/03/19832821
Streetpoise Vol.1Streetpoise Vol.123/10/198213/11/1982514
On The Air - 60 Years Of BBC Theme MusicOn The Air - 60 Years Of BBC Theme Music23/10/198218/12/1982853
Music For The SeasonsMusic For The Seasons30/10/198218/06/19834110
The Love Songs AlbumThe Love Songs Album30/10/198208/01/1983288
Flash TracksFlash Tracks06/11/198218/12/1982197
Disco DancerDisco Dancer06/11/198218/12/1982267
Midnight In MotownMidnight In Motown06/11/198219/02/19833416
Chart Hits '82Chart Hits '8206/11/198226/02/19831117
Hits Of The Screaming 60'sHits Of The Screaming 60's06/11/198208/01/19832410
The Great Country Music ShowThe Great Country Music Show27/11/198208/01/1983387
Chart WarsChart Wars27/11/198208/01/1983307
The ComposersThe Composers18/12/198231/12/19834910
Street SceneStreet Scene18/12/198222/01/1983426
Direct HitsDirect Hits18/12/198218/12/1982891
Party Fever/Disco ManiaParty Fever/Disco Mania25/12/198208/01/1983713
Raiders Of The Pop ChartsRaiders Of The Pop Charts25/12/198216/04/1983117
Dancin'-20 Original Motown MoversDancin'-20 Original Motown Movers08/01/198308/01/1983971
 Instrumental Magic05/02/198319/03/1983686
Street Sounds Edition 2Street Sounds Edition 219/02/198326/03/1983356
Chart RunnersChart Runners19/03/198311/06/1983413
Street Sounds Edition 3Street Sounds Edition 323/04/198321/05/1983215
20 Great Italian Love Songs20 Great Italian Love Songs30/04/198304/06/1983286
The Laughter And Tears CollectionThe Laughter And Tears Collection14/05/198327/08/19831916
Chart Encounters Of The Hit KindChart Encounters Of The Hit Kind21/05/198323/07/1983510
Get On UpGet On Up28/05/198325/06/1983355
In The Groove - The 12 Inch Disco PartyIn The Groove - The 12 Inch Disco Party04/06/198320/08/19832012
Chart StarsChart Stars11/06/198306/08/198379
 Lovers Only18/06/198310/09/19831213
Street Sounds Edition 4Street Sounds Edition 425/06/198320/08/1983148
Wired For Clubs (Club Tracks Vol.1)Wired For Clubs (Club Tracks Vol.1)02/07/198323/07/1983584
Dance Mix - Dance Hits Volume 1Dance Mix - Dance Hits Volume 102/07/198309/07/1983852
Hits On FireHits On Fire16/07/198317/09/19831110
Street Sounds Edition 5Street Sounds Edition 513/08/198301/10/1983168
 Cool Heat20/08/198303/09/1983793
Sunny AfternoonSunny Afternoon03/09/198322/10/1983138
Come With Club (Club Tracks Vol.2)Come With Club (Club Tracks Vol.2)03/09/198310/09/1983552
Headline HitsHeadline Hits10/09/198315/10/198356
The Hit Squad - Chart TrackingThe Hit Squad - Chart Tracking17/09/198312/11/198349
The Hit Squad - Night ClubbingThe Hit Squad - Night Clubbing17/09/198305/11/1983287
Dance Mix-Dance Hits Vol.2Dance Mix-Dance Hits Vol.224/09/198308/10/1983513
 Classic Themes24/09/198301/10/1983612
Street Sounds Edition 6Street Sounds Edition 608/10/198305/11/1983235
The Two Of UsThe Two Of Us08/10/198321/01/1984316
 Respond Package - Love The Reason15/10/198329/10/1983503
Street Sounds ElectroStreet Sounds Electro22/10/198304/02/1984188
 The Hit Squad's Hits Of 8312/11/198328/01/19841211
In TouchIn Touch12/11/198319/11/1983892
Roots Reggae n' RockRoots Reggae n' Rock12/11/198317/12/1983346
 Chart Hits '83 Volumes 1 And 212/11/198321/01/1984611
Superchart '83Superchart '8319/11/198314/01/1984229
Reilly - Ace Of ThemesReilly - Ace Of Themes26/11/198331/12/1983546
Formula 30Formula 3026/11/198331/03/1984617
Twelve Inches Of PleasureTwelve Inches Of Pleasure26/11/198326/11/19831001
This Are 2 ToneThis Are 2 Tone26/11/198321/01/1984519
Precious MomentsPrecious Moments26/11/198331/12/1983775
Green VelvetGreen Velvet17/12/198323/03/1985627
Street Sounds Edition 7Street Sounds Edition 717/12/198314/01/1984484
Street Sounds Electro 2Street Sounds Electro 207/01/198418/02/1984497
Chart TrekChart Trek07/01/198403/03/1984209
Sometimes When We TouchSometimes When We Touch21/01/198421/04/1984814
Original Music From Auf Wiedersehen PetOriginal Music From Auf Wiedersehen Pet04/02/198410/03/1984216
The Very Best Of Motown Love SongsThe Very Best Of Motown Love Songs04/02/198407/07/19841022
The TubeThe Tube18/02/198424/03/1984306
Dance Mix Dance Hits Volume 3Dance Mix Dance Hits Volume 303/03/198403/03/1984701
Street Sounds Hi-Energy Volume 1Street Sounds Hi-Energy Volume 103/03/198403/03/1984711
Electro Shock Voltage OneElectro Shock Voltage One03/03/198403/03/1984731
Street Sounds Crucial ElectroStreet Sounds Crucial Electro10/03/198412/05/19842410
Street Sounds Edition 8Street Sounds Edition 810/03/198421/04/1984227
 Baby Love24/03/198405/05/1984476
Street Sounds Electro 3Street Sounds Electro 307/04/198402/06/1984259
Always And Forever - The CollectionAlways And Forever - The Collection07/04/198420/02/19882422
 Dreams And Themes07/04/198414/04/1984752
Street Sounds Edition 9Street Sounds Edition 912/05/198409/06/1984225
Hungry For HitsHungry For Hits26/05/198404/08/1984411
Don't Stop DancingDon't Stop Dancing26/05/198411/08/19841112
Then Came Rock n' RollThen Came Rock n' Roll26/05/198401/09/1984515
Essential Disco And DanceEssential Disco And Dance02/06/198402/06/1984961
Street Sounds Electro 4Street Sounds Electro 409/06/198404/08/1984259
American HeartbeatAmerican Heartbeat16/06/198417/11/1984422
Crew CutsCrew Cuts16/06/198407/07/1984714
Emerald ClassicsEmerald Classics16/06/198404/05/19853514
20 Reggae Classics20 Reggae Classics16/06/198416/06/1984891
Dance Mix Dance Hits Volume 4Dance Mix Dance Hits Volume 416/06/198416/06/1984991
The Themes AlbumThe Themes Album23/06/198414/07/1984433
Broken DreamsBroken Dreams23/06/198404/08/1984487
Street Sounds UK ElectroStreet Sounds UK Electro30/06/198421/07/1984604
Wipeout - 20 Instrumental GreatsWipeout - 20 Instrumental Greats21/07/198404/08/1984373
Let The Music SkratchLet The Music Skratch21/07/198404/08/1984913
Rockabilly PsychosisRockabilly Psychosis21/07/198404/08/1984883
Breakdance - You Can Do ItBreakdance - You Can Do It28/07/198413/10/19841812
Sunny Afternoon Volume 2Sunny Afternoon Volume 228/07/198428/07/1984901
Chunks Of FunkChunks Of Funk11/08/198408/09/1984465
Street Sounds Crucial Electro 2Street Sounds Crucial Electro 211/08/198415/09/1984356
Street Sounds Edition 10Street Sounds Edition 1018/08/198422/09/1984246
Record Shack Presents Volume OneRecord Shack Presents Volume One08/09/198429/09/1984414
All By MyselfAll By Myself22/09/198405/01/1985716
Street Sounds Electro 5Street Sounds Electro 506/10/198410/11/1984176
 Hits, Hits, Hits13/10/198408/12/198469
Gustav Holst: Beyond The PlanetsGustav Holst: Beyond The Planets13/10/198417/11/1984646
Crew Cuts Lesson 2Crew Cuts Lesson 227/10/198403/11/1984952
Street Sounds Edition 11Street Sounds Edition 1110/11/198401/12/1984484
The Hits AlbumThe Hits Album01/12/198407/01/1989140
Hooked On Number OnesHooked On Number Ones01/12/198406/06/19872515
 The Christmas Carol Collection08/12/198421/12/1985753
Merry Christmas To YouMerry Christmas To You22/12/198429/12/1984642
 Friends Again22/12/198422/12/1984911
Four Star CountryFour Star Country02/02/198512/10/1985526
Modern LoveModern Love02/03/198513/04/1985137
Street Sounds Electro 6Street Sounds Electro 609/03/198511/05/19852410
The ArtistsThe Artists09/03/198530/03/1985654
Reggae Hits Volume 1Reggae Hits Volume 130/03/198508/06/19853211
 Dream Melodies30/03/198530/03/1985911
Tommy Boy Greatest HitsTommy Boy Greatest Hits06/04/198511/05/1985446
Hits 2Hits 213/04/198507/09/1985121
Club Classics Volume 2Club Classics Volume 220/04/198527/04/1985902
12 x 1212 x 1227/04/198504/05/1985772
Victory In Europe - 1945Victory In Europe - 194518/05/198518/05/1985611
Street Sounds Electro 7Street Sounds Electro 718/05/198529/06/1985127
Street Sounds 12Street Sounds 1218/05/198508/06/1985234
Out Now!Out Now!25/05/198507/09/1985214
Street Sounds Electro 8Street Sounds Electro 813/07/198510/08/1985235
Kerrang! Kompilation - 24 Rock MonstersKerrang! Kompilation - 24 Rock Monsters13/07/198520/07/1985842
Out Now!Out Now!27/07/198503/08/1985182
The Artists Volume 2The Artists Volume 227/07/198503/08/1985722
The Magic Of Torvill And DeanThe Magic Of Torvill And Dean03/08/198528/09/1985359
American DreamsAmerican Dreams03/08/198519/04/1986438
New York V. LA BeatsNew York V. LA Beats17/08/198507/09/1985654
Night BeatNight Beat17/08/198505/10/1985158
Street Sounds 13Street Sounds 1317/08/198519/10/1985199
Disco Beach PartyDisco Beach Party24/08/198519/07/19862910
20 Holiday Hits20 Holiday Hits24/08/198528/09/1985486
Open Top Cars And Girls In T-ShirtsOpen Top Cars And Girls In T-Shirts07/09/198502/11/1985139
The TV Hits AlbumThe TV Hits Album28/09/198519/04/19862613
Street Sounds Electro 9Street Sounds Electro 905/10/198509/11/1985186
IQ6 - Zang Tumb Tuum SampledIQ6 - Zang Tumb Tuum Sampled19/10/198502/11/1985403
Reggae Hits Volume 2Reggae Hits Volume 226/10/198502/11/1985862
Out Now! 2Out Now! 226/10/198521/12/198539
Chess PiecesChess Pieces02/11/198523/11/1985873
Rock AnthemsRock Anthems09/11/198518/01/19861011
Ovation - The Best Of Andrew Lloyd WebberOvation - The Best Of Andrew Lloyd Webber09/11/198525/01/19863412
The Eastenders Singalong AlbumThe Eastenders Singalong Album16/11/198518/01/19863310
Street Sounds 14Street Sounds 1416/11/198530/11/1985433
The Greatest Hits Of 1985The Greatest Hits Of 198516/11/198508/03/1986117
The Princes Trust CollectionThe Princes Trust Collection30/11/198528/12/1985645
 More Green Velvet07/12/198504/01/1986425
Hits 3Hits 307/12/198526/04/1986221
Velvet WatersVelvet Waters14/12/198504/01/1986544
Christmas At The Country StoreChristmas At The Country Store21/12/198521/12/1985941
Street Sounds Electro 10Street Sounds Electro 1021/12/198525/01/1986726
Street Sounds 15Street Sounds 1521/12/198508/02/1986588
Choices Of The HeartChoices Of The Heart28/12/198504/01/1986872
The Love Album (1985 Version)The Love Album (1985 Version)04/01/198615/03/19861011
Out Now! 2Out Now! 204/01/198604/10/1986773
The Dance Hits AlbumThe Dance Hits Album08/02/198619/04/19861011
Jonathan King's Entertainment U.S.A.Jonathan King's Entertainment U.S.A.15/02/198626/04/1986611
Night Beat IINight Beat II08/03/198603/05/198679
Hits For LoversHits For Lovers08/03/198607/06/1986214
The Cinema Hits AlbumThe Cinema Hits Album15/03/198610/05/1986449
Numa Records Year 1Numa Records Year 122/03/198622/03/1986941
Masters Of MetalMasters Of Metal22/03/198612/04/1986384
Hits 4Hits 429/03/198616/08/1986121
Street Sounds Hip-Hop Electro 11Street Sounds Hip-Hop Electro 1129/03/198626/04/1986195
Street Sounds Edition 16Street Sounds Edition 1605/04/198617/05/1986177
Heart To HeartHeart To Heart12/04/198609/08/1986815
The TV Hits Album TwoThe TV Hits Album Two12/04/198624/05/1986197
Rock Anthems 2Rock Anthems 219/04/198603/01/1987439
Dave Clark's 'Time'Dave Clark's 'Time'17/05/198621/06/1986216
Let's Hear It From The GirlsLet's Hear It From The Girls17/05/198619/07/19861710
Sisters Are Doin' ItSisters Are Doin' It17/05/198612/07/1986279
Two's CompanyTwo's Company07/06/198612/07/1986515
Up Front 1Up Front 107/06/198616/08/19861710
Beat Runs WildBeat Runs Wild14/06/198621/06/1986702
Jazz Juice 2Jazz Juice 221/06/198621/06/1986961
Hear 'N' AidHear 'N' Aid21/06/198628/06/1986502
Street Sounds Hip-Hop Electro 12Street Sounds Hip-Hop Electro 1228/06/198619/07/1986284
Dance Hits 2Dance Hits 228/06/198616/08/1986258
Rap It Up - Rap's Greatest HitsRap It Up - Rap's Greatest Hits05/07/198626/07/1986504
Telly Hits 2Telly Hits 205/07/198612/07/1986682
Discover Country / Discover New CountryDiscover Country / Discover New Country12/07/198626/07/1986603
Street Sounds Edition 17Street Sounds Edition 1719/07/198616/08/1986355
Drive Time USADrive Time USA19/07/198606/09/1986208
The OriginalsThe Originals02/08/198604/10/1986159
You've Got To LaughYou've Got To Laugh09/08/198623/08/1986513
Royal WeddingRoyal Wedding09/08/198609/08/1986551
The Heat Is OnThe Heat Is On16/08/198601/11/1986912
Summer Days, Boogie NightsSummer Days, Boogie Nights16/08/198620/09/1986406
Up Front 2Up Front 223/08/198627/09/1986276
Street Sounds Hip-Hop Electro 13Street Sounds Hip-Hop Electro 1306/09/198604/10/1986235
The House Sound Of ChicagoThe House Sound Of Chicago20/09/198614/02/19875212
Absolute Rock 'N' RollAbsolute Rock 'N' Roll20/09/198620/09/1986881
Street Sounds Edition 18Street Sounds Edition 1811/10/198608/11/1986205
Jazz Juice 3Jazz Juice 311/10/198611/10/1986881
Street Sounds Hip-Hop Electro 14Street Sounds Hip-Hop Electro 1411/10/198625/10/1986403
The Very Best Of Entertainment U.S.A. Volume 2The Very Best Of Entertainment U.S.A. Volume 218/10/198608/11/1986444
Dance Hits '86Dance Hits '8618/10/198629/11/1986357
The ChartThe Chart18/10/198610/01/1987612
The Power Of LoveThe Power Of Love18/10/198629/11/1986337
Simon Bates - Our TuneSimon Bates - Our Tune01/11/198629/11/1986585
Black MagicBlack Magic01/11/198627/12/1986269
Up Front 3Up Front 301/11/198629/11/1986375
Formula 30 - 2Formula 30 - 201/11/198615/11/1986803
Hit Mix '86Hit Mix '8608/11/198607/02/19871014
Ultimate Trax - Volume 1Ultimate Trax - Volume 108/11/198615/11/1986662
The Greatest Hits Of 1986The Greatest Hits Of 198608/11/198631/01/1987813
Street Sounds Hip-Hop Electro 15Street Sounds Hip-Hop Electro 1515/11/198622/11/1986462
Hits 5Hits 522/11/198608/08/1987125
Sixties ManiaSixties Mania22/11/198629/08/19871922
Classics By CandlelightClassics By Candlelight22/11/198610/01/1987744
The Singing DetectiveThe Singing Detective06/12/198606/08/19881024
Street Sounds Edition 19Street Sounds Edition 1906/12/198620/12/1986613
Motown ChartbustersMotown Chartbusters06/12/198621/02/19872512
Street Sounds Crucial Electro 3Street Sounds Crucial Electro 324/01/198707/02/1987413
Up Front 4Up Front 431/01/198728/02/1987215
Street Sounds Anthems - Volume 1Street Sounds Anthems - Volume 107/02/198721/02/1987613
Street Sounds Edition 20Street Sounds Edition 2014/02/198707/03/1987254
Ultimate Trax - Volume 2Ultimate Trax - Volume 207/03/198714/03/1987502
Move CloserMove Closer14/03/198718/07/1987419
Bands Of Gold - The Swinging SixtiesBands Of Gold - The Swinging Sixties14/03/198718/04/1987486
Bands Of Gold - The Sensational SeventiesBands Of Gold - The Sensational Seventies21/03/198718/04/1987754
Hits RevivalHits Revival21/03/198722/08/19871010
Rhythm Of The NightRhythm Of The Night21/03/198702/05/1987367
The Dance ChartThe Dance Chart28/03/198716/05/1987238
Up Front 5Up Front 528/03/198702/05/1987216
Bands Of Gold - The Electronic EightiesBands Of Gold - The Electronic Eighties28/03/198728/03/1987821
Serious Hip-Hop 2Serious Hip-Hop 228/03/198728/03/1987951
 Heat Of Soul - Volume 128/03/198728/03/1987961
The House Sound Of Chicago Volume IIThe House Sound Of Chicago Volume II18/04/198730/05/1987387
Prince's TrustPrince's Trust02/05/198705/09/1987446
Up Front 6Up Front 623/05/198727/06/1987226
The Solar SystemThe Solar System30/05/198730/05/1987701
Atlantic Soul ClassicsAtlantic Soul Classics06/06/198707/11/1987923
Chicago Jackbeat Volume 2Chicago Jackbeat Volume 206/06/198713/06/1987672
Friends And LoversFriends And Lovers13/06/198722/08/19871010
Street Sounds Hip Hop Electro 16Street Sounds Hip Hop Electro 1613/06/198727/06/1987403
The Rock 'N' Roll Years 1964-1967The Rock 'N' Roll Years 1964-196727/06/198711/07/1987712
The Rock 'N' Roll Years 1968-1971The Rock 'N' Roll Years 1968-197127/06/198727/06/1987771
 The Rock 'N' Roll Years 1956-195927/06/198718/07/1987802
The Holiday AlbumThe Holiday Album27/06/198722/08/1987139
The Rock 'N' Roll Years 1960-1963The Rock 'N' Roll Years 1960-196327/06/198727/06/1987841
Best Of House Volume 1Best Of House Volume 104/07/198719/09/19875512
Dance Mania Volume 1Dance Mania Volume 104/07/198725/07/1987464
Street Sounds '87Street Sounds '8704/07/198701/08/1987405
Sixties MixSixties Mix11/07/198704/06/1988344
Lonely Is An EyesoreLonely Is An Eyesore11/07/198718/07/1987532
Ultimate Trax - Volume 3 - Battle Of The DJ'sUltimate Trax - Volume 3 - Battle Of The DJ's18/07/198725/07/1987692
Jack Trax - The First AlbumJack Trax - The First Album18/07/198725/07/1987832
The Island StoryThe Island Story18/07/198719/09/1987910
Hits 6Hits 625/07/198728/11/1987119
Kick It - The Def Jam Sampler Volume 1Kick It - The Def Jam Sampler Volume 108/08/198719/09/1987197
Jazz Juice 5Jazz Juice 515/08/198715/08/1987971
Up Front 7Up Front 715/08/198705/09/1987314
Street Sounds Hip Hop 17Street Sounds Hip Hop 1715/08/198729/08/1987383
Rare - A Collection Of GrooviesRare - A Collection Of Groovies05/09/198705/09/1987801
Street Sounds '87 Volume 2Street Sounds '87 Volume 212/09/198726/09/1987473
Best Of House Volume 2Best Of House Volume 212/09/198724/10/1987307
Best Of West Coast Hip HopBest Of West Coast Hip Hop12/09/198719/09/1987802
Jack Trax - The Second AlbumJack Trax - The Second Album03/10/198710/10/1987612
Tracks Of My TearsTracks Of My Tears03/10/198714/11/1987277
Up Front 8Up Front 817/10/198721/11/1987226
True LoveTrue Love17/10/198714/11/1987385
Hip Hop '87Hip Hop '8717/10/198717/10/1987811
Miami Vice 2Miami Vice 217/10/198707/11/1987714
Street Sounds Hip Hop 18Street Sounds Hip Hop 1824/10/198724/10/1987671
The WordThe Word24/10/198724/10/1987861
Hit FactoryHit Factory24/10/198726/03/19881817
From Motown With LoveFrom Motown With Love31/10/198719/03/1988921
Jackmaster Volume 1Jackmaster Volume 131/10/198721/11/1987364
Best Of House Volume 3Best Of House Volume 314/11/198728/11/1987613
Urban ClassicsUrban Classics14/11/198714/11/1987961
The Greatest Hits Of 1987The Greatest Hits Of 198721/11/198730/01/19881211
Hit MixHit Mix21/11/198730/01/19882911
Sixties Party Megamix AlbumSixties Party Megamix Album28/11/198709/01/1988467
The Chart Show - Dance Hits '87The Chart Show - Dance Hits '8728/11/198709/01/1988396
Dance Mix '87Dance Mix '8728/11/198730/01/19883910
Hits 7Hits 705/12/198726/03/1988217
Special Olympics - A Very Special ChristmasSpecial Olympics - A Very Special Christmas05/12/198702/01/1988405
Best Of House MegamixBest Of House Megamix12/12/198706/02/1988774
Wow What A PartyWow What A Party19/12/198726/12/1987972
Up Front 9Up Front 919/12/198719/12/1987921
Life In The Fast LaneLife In The Fast Lane26/12/198712/03/19881012
The Greatest LoveThe Greatest Love26/12/198707/01/19891140
House Sound Of Chicago Volume IIIHouse Sound Of Chicago Volume III30/01/198820/02/1988404
Jackmaster Volume 2Jackmaster Volume 213/02/198827/02/1988383
Mad On House Volume 1Mad On House Volume 120/02/198827/02/1988812
Dance Mania Volume 2Dance Mania Volume 220/02/198827/02/1988592
Jack Trax - The Fourth AlbumJack Trax - The Fourth Album05/03/198826/03/1988494
Best Of House Volume 4Best Of House Volume 412/03/198830/04/1988278
Street Sounds 88-1Street Sounds 88-119/03/198826/03/1988732
Street Sounds Hip Hop 20Street Sounds Hip Hop 2019/03/198809/04/1988394
The Chart Show - Rock The NationThe Chart Show - Rock The Nation26/03/198814/05/1988168
The Word Volume 2The Word Volume 226/03/198802/04/1988702
Hip Hop And Rapping In The HouseHip Hop And Rapping In The House02/04/198825/06/1988513
Sergeant Pepper Knew My FatherSergeant Pepper Knew My Father09/04/198818/06/1988378
Up Front 10Up Front 1009/04/198807/05/1988455
Rare 2Rare 223/04/198823/04/1988881
Hits Revival 2 - ReplayHits Revival 2 - Replay30/04/198814/05/1988453
Nite FliteNite Flite30/04/198803/12/1988126
Sixties Mix 2Sixties Mix 207/05/198817/09/19881420
Best Of House Megamix Volume 2Best Of House Megamix Volume 214/05/198821/05/1988732
TSOP - The Sound Of PhiladelphiaTSOP - The Sound Of Philadelphia14/05/198816/07/1988269
House HitsHouse Hits14/05/198802/07/1988258
Motown Dance PartyMotown Dance Party21/05/198817/09/1988318
Back On The RoadBack On The Road04/06/198813/08/19882911
Street Sounds Hip Hop 21Street Sounds Hip Hop 2104/06/198804/06/1988871
Reggae Hits Volume 4Reggae Hits Volume 404/06/198816/07/1988567
The Hits Of House Are HereThe Hits Of House Are Here11/06/198827/08/19881212
Atlantic Soul BalladsAtlantic Soul Ballads18/06/198825/06/1988842
Hits 8Hits 830/07/198822/10/1988213
The Greatest Ever Rock 'N' RollThe Greatest Ever Rock 'N' Roll30/07/198805/11/1988815
The House Sound Of London Volume 4The House Sound Of London Volume 427/08/198815/10/1988707
Hot City NightsHot City Nights27/08/198826/11/1988114
House Hallucinations (Pump Up London)House Hallucinations (Pump Up London)03/09/198810/09/1988902
Rap TraxRap Trax03/09/198826/11/1988313
Urban AcidUrban Acid24/09/198812/11/1988518
Rare Groove MixRare Groove Mix01/10/198803/12/19882010
Balearic Beats Volume 1Balearic Beats Volume 101/10/198815/10/1988582
And The Beat Goes On - 34 Dance Hits Of The 70sAnd The Beat Goes On - 34 Dance Hits Of The 70s01/10/198819/11/1988128
Brothers In RhythmBrothers In Rhythm08/10/198805/11/1988355
Ones On 1Ones On 108/10/198819/11/1988107
Acid Jazz And Other Illicit GroovesAcid Jazz And Other Illicit Grooves08/10/198822/10/1988863
The Return Of SuperbadThe Return Of Superbad15/10/198805/11/1988834
Motown In MotionMotown In Motion15/10/198807/01/19892813
Soft MetalSoft Metal22/10/198807/01/1989712
The Classic ExperienceThe Classic Experience22/10/198807/01/19892712
Acid Trax MegamixAcid Trax Megamix29/10/198829/10/1988931
Smash Hits Party '88Smash Hits Party '8829/10/198807/01/1989611
The LoversThe Lovers05/11/198803/12/1988505
The Heart And Soul Of Rock And RollThe Heart And Soul Of Rock And Roll05/11/198817/12/1988606
The Premier CollectionThe Premier Collection12/11/198807/01/198939
The Hit Factory Volume 2The Hit Factory Volume 212/11/198807/01/1989169
The Love Album '88The Love Album '8812/11/198807/01/1989519
The Greatest Hits Of 1988The Greatest Hits Of 198819/11/198807/01/1989118
The Instrumental GreatsThe Instrumental Greats19/11/198831/12/1988795
Best Of House '88Best Of House '8819/11/198807/01/1989338
Hit Mix '88Hit Mix '8826/11/198807/01/1989487
Rappin' The HouseRappin' The House26/11/198807/01/1989437
Hello Children... EverywhereHello Children... Everywhere03/12/198831/12/1988595
Back To The SixtiesBack To The Sixties03/12/198807/01/1989476
Noel - Christmas Songs And CarolsNoel - Christmas Songs And Carols17/12/198824/12/1988892
The Greatest Hits Of HouseThe Greatest Hits Of House17/12/198807/01/1989264
Reggae Hits Volume 5Reggae Hits Volume 517/12/198817/12/1988961
The Beiderbecke CollectionThe Beiderbecke Collection24/12/198831/12/1988892
 Classic Love Songs31/12/198807/01/1989372