The Clash

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Total Releases: 36
Chart Appearances: 256
Highest Chart Entry: 1
First Chart Appearance: 02/04/1977
Number One Singles: 1
Total Top 10 Singles: 1
Total Top 10 Albums: 4
Total Top 40 Singles: 17
Total Top 40 Albums: 12
 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
White RiotWhite Riot02/04/197716/04/1977383
Complete ControlComplete Control08/10/197715/10/1977282
Clash City RockersClash City Rockers04/03/197825/03/1978354
(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais24/06/197805/08/1978327
Tommy GunTommy Gun02/12/197803/02/19791910
English Civil WarEnglish Civil War03/03/197907/04/1979256
The Cost Of Living E.P.The Cost Of Living E.P.19/05/197907/07/1979228
London CallingLondon Calling15/12/197916/02/19801110
The Call UpThe Call Up06/12/198010/01/1981406
Hitsville UKHitsville UK24/01/198114/02/1981564
The Magnificent SevenThe Magnificent Seven25/04/198123/05/1981345
This Is Radio ClashThis Is Radio Clash28/11/198102/01/1982476
Know Your RightsKnow Your Rights01/05/198215/05/1982433
Rock The CasbahRock The Casbah26/06/198228/08/19823010
Straight To Hell/Should I Stay Or Should I GoStraight To Hell/Should I Stay Or Should I Go25/09/198225/09/1982621
Should I Stay Or Should I Go/Straight To HellShould I Stay Or Should I Go/Straight To Hell02/10/198220/11/1982178
This Is EnglandThis Is England12/10/198509/11/1985245
I Fought The Law {1988}I Fought The Law {1988}12/03/198823/04/1988296
London Calling {1988}London Calling {1988}07/05/198821/05/1988463
Return To BrixtonReturn To Brixton21/07/199028/07/1990572
Should I Stay Or Should I GoShould I Stay Or Should I Go02/03/199127/04/199119
Rock The Casbah {1991}Rock The Casbah {1991}13/04/199118/05/1991156
London Calling {1991}London Calling {1991}08/06/199115/06/1991642

 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Give 'Em Enough RopeGive 'Em Enough Rope25/11/197803/03/1979214
London CallingLondon Calling22/12/197903/05/1980920
Combat RockCombat Rock22/05/198215/01/1983222
Cut The CrapCut The Crap16/11/198530/11/1985163
The Story Of The Clash - Volume 1The Story Of The Clash - Volume 102/04/198801/06/1991720
The SinglesThe Singles16/11/199124/03/2012138
From Here To EternityFrom Here To Eternity16/10/199923/10/1999132
The Essential ClashThe Essential Clash22/03/200305/04/2003183
London Calling - 25th AnniversaryLondon Calling - 25th Anniversary02/10/200402/10/2004261
Live At Shea StadiumLive At Shea Stadium18/10/200825/10/2008312