The Beatles

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Total Releases: 114
Chart Appearances: 1886
Highest Chart Entry: 1
First Chart Appearance: 13/10/1962
Number One Singles: 16
Number One Albums: 15
Total Top 10 Singles: 27
Total Top 10 Albums: 27
Total Top 40 Singles: 36
Total Top 40 Albums: 38
 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Love Me DoLove Me Do13/10/196209/02/19631718
Please Please MePlease Please Me19/01/196318/05/1963218
From Me To YouFrom Me To You20/04/196307/09/1963121
She Loves YouShe Loves You31/08/196318/04/1964133
I Want To Hold Your HandI Want To Hold Your Hand07/12/196316/05/1964122
Can't Buy Me LoveCan't Buy Me Love28/03/196411/07/1964115
Ain't She SweetAin't She Sweet13/06/196418/07/1964296
A Hard Day's NightA Hard Day's Night18/07/196410/10/1964113
I Feel FineI Feel Fine05/12/196427/02/1965113
Ticket To RideTicket To Ride17/04/196503/07/1965112
Day Tripper/We Can Work It OutDay Tripper/We Can Work It Out11/12/196526/02/1966112
Paperback WriterPaperback Writer18/06/196627/08/1966111
Yellow Submarine/Eleanor RigbyYellow Submarine/Eleanor Rigby13/08/196605/11/1966113
Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields ForeverPenny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever25/02/196706/05/1967211
All You Need Is LoveAll You Need Is Love15/07/196707/10/1967113
Hello GoodbyeHello Goodbye02/12/196717/02/1968112
Magical Mystery Tour (EP)Magical Mystery Tour (EP)16/12/196702/03/1968212
Lady MadonnaLady Madonna23/03/196811/05/196818
Hey JudeHey Jude07/09/196811/12/2010119
The Ballad Of John And YokoThe Ballad Of John And Yoko07/06/196906/09/1969114
Something/Come TogetherSomething/Come Together08/11/196924/01/1970412
Let It BeLet It Be14/03/197008/01/2011217
Hey Jude {1976}Hey Jude {1976}27/03/197608/05/1976127
Paperback Writer {1976}Paperback Writer {1976}27/03/197624/04/1976235
Strawberry Fields ForeverStrawberry Fields Forever03/04/197617/04/1976323
Help! {1976}Help! {1976}10/04/197624/04/1976373
Back In The USSRBack In The USSR10/07/197614/08/1976196
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/With A Little Help From My FriendsSgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/With A Little Help From My Friends07/10/197821/10/1978633
The Beatles Movie MedleyThe Beatles Movie Medley05/06/198231/07/1982109
Love Me Do {1982}Love Me Do {1982}16/10/198227/11/198247
 Please Please Me {1983}22/01/198312/02/1983294
 From Me To You {1983}23/04/198314/05/1983404
 She Loves You {1983}03/09/198317/09/1983453
I Want To Hold Your Hand {1983}I Want To Hold Your Hand {1983}26/11/198310/12/1983623
Can't Buy Me Love {1984}Can't Buy Me Love {1984}31/03/198407/04/1984532
A Hard Day's Night {1984}A Hard Day's Night {1984}21/07/198404/08/1984523
 I Feel Fine {1984}08/12/198415/12/1984652
Ticket To Ride {1985}Ticket To Ride {1985}20/04/198504/05/1985703
Help! {1985}Help! {1985}03/08/198517/08/1985863
Day Tripper/We Can Work It Out {1985}Day Tripper/We Can Work It Out {1985}14/12/198528/12/1985793
Paperback Writer {1986}Paperback Writer {1986}21/06/198628/06/1986782
 Yellow Submarine/Eleanor Rigby {1986}30/08/198606/09/1986632
Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever {1987}Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever {1987}28/02/198707/03/1987652
All You Need Is Love {1987}All You Need Is Love {1987}18/07/198701/08/1987473
Hello Goodbye {1987}Hello Goodbye {1987}05/12/198712/12/1987632
Lady Madonna {1988}Lady Madonna {1988}26/03/198802/04/1988672
Hey Jude {1988}Hey Jude {1988}10/09/198817/09/1988522
Get Back {1989}Get Back {1989}22/04/198929/04/1989742
The Ballad Of John And Yoko {1989}The Ballad Of John And Yoko {1989}10/06/198917/06/1989842
Something/Come Together {1989}Something/Come Together {1989}11/11/198911/11/1989841
 Let It Be {1990}17/03/199017/03/1990781
Love Me Do {1992}Love Me Do {1992}17/10/199217/10/1992531
Baby It's YouBaby It's You01/04/199508/07/199577
Free As A BirdFree As A Bird16/12/199503/02/199628
Real LoveReal Love16/03/199627/04/199647
 Here Comes The Sun27/11/201028/04/2012584
 In My Life27/11/201027/11/2010781
Come TogetherCome Together27/11/201004/12/2010812
 I Saw Her Standing There27/11/201027/11/2010901
 Eleanor Rigby27/11/201027/11/2010941
Twist And ShoutTwist And Shout27/11/201004/12/2010482

 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Please Please MePlease Please Me06/04/196326/09/2009172
With The BeatlesWith The Beatles30/11/196326/09/2009153
A Hard Day's NightA Hard Day's Night18/07/196403/10/2009142
Beatles For SaleBeatles For Sale12/12/196426/09/2009148
Rubber SoulRubber Soul11/12/196517/10/2009149
A Collection Of Beatles OldiesA Collection Of Beatles Oldies10/12/196605/08/1972734
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandSgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band03/06/196721/11/20091191
Magical Mystery TourMagical Mystery Tour13/01/196820/10/2012317
The Beatles (The White Album)The Beatles (The White Album)07/12/196824/01/1970121
Yellow SubmarineYellow Submarine01/02/196919/09/2009311
Abbey RoadAbbey Road04/10/196921/11/2009196
Let It BeLet It Be23/05/197026/09/2009153
The Beatles - 1967 To 1970The Beatles - 1967 To 197005/05/197322/01/20112151
The Beatles - 1962 To 1966The Beatles - 1962 To 196605/05/197315/01/20113190
Rock 'N' Roll MusicRock 'N' Roll Music26/06/197616/10/19761115
The Beatles TapesThe Beatles Tapes21/08/197621/08/1976451
The Beatles At The Hollywood BowlThe Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl21/05/197710/09/1977117
Love SongsLove Songs17/12/197708/04/1978716
Beatles BalladsBeatles Ballads15/11/198014/11/19811716
20 Greatest Hits20 Greatest Hits30/10/198221/05/19831030
A Hard Day's Night (1987 Version)A Hard Day's Night (1987 Version)07/03/198728/03/1987304
With The Beatles (1987 Version)With The Beatles (1987 Version)07/03/198714/03/1987402
Please Please Me (1987 Version)Please Please Me (1987 Version)07/03/198728/03/1987324
Beatles For Sale (1987 Version)Beatles For Sale (1987 Version)07/03/198714/03/1987452
Revolver (1987 Version)Revolver (1987 Version)09/05/198713/06/1987555
Help (1987 Version)Help (1987 Version)09/05/198716/05/1987612
Rubber Soul (1987 Version)Rubber Soul (1987 Version)09/05/198723/05/1987603
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1987 Version)Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1987 Version)06/06/198719/09/1987316
 The Beatles (White Album) (1987 Version)05/09/198712/09/1987182
Yellow Submarine SongtrackYellow Submarine Songtrack05/09/198716/06/201285
Abbey Road (1987 Version)Abbey Road (1987 Version)31/10/198707/11/1987302
Let It Be (1987 Version)Let It Be (1987 Version)31/10/198731/10/1987501
Past Masters - Volume 2Past Masters - Volume 219/03/198819/03/1988461
Past Masters - Volume 1Past Masters - Volume 119/03/198819/03/1988491
Live at the BBCLive at the BBC10/12/199429/04/1995119
Anthology 1Anthology 102/12/199503/02/1996210
Anthology 2Anthology 230/03/199622/06/1996112
Anthology 3Anthology 309/11/199618/01/1997411
Let It Be - NakedLet It Be - Naked29/11/200310/01/200477
Past MastersPast Masters19/09/200903/10/2009313
The Beatles In StereoThe Beatles In Stereo19/09/200919/09/2009241
The Beatles In MonoThe Beatles In Mono19/09/200919/09/2009571
The BeatlesThe Beatles19/09/200910/10/2009214
1962-1966 / 1967-19701962-1966 / 1967-197004/12/201001/01/2011595
Tomorrow Never KnowsTomorrow Never Knows04/08/201204/08/2012441