Status Quo

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Total Releases: 102
Chart Appearances: 915
Highest Chart Entry: 1
First Chart Appearance: 27/01/1968
Number One Singles: 1
Number One Albums: 4
Total Top 10 Singles: 22
Total Top 10 Albums: 21
Total Top 40 Singles: 55
Total Top 40 Albums: 34
 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Pictures Of Matchstick MenPictures Of Matchstick Men27/01/196813/04/1968712
Ice In The SunIce In The Sun24/08/196809/11/1968812
Are You Growing Tired Of My Love?Are You Growing Tired Of My Love?31/05/196921/06/1969463
Down The DustpipeDown The Dustpipe02/05/197022/08/19701217
In My ChairIn My Chair07/11/197006/02/19712114
Paper PlanePaper Plane13/01/197324/03/1973811
Mean GirlMean Girl14/04/197323/06/19732011
Break The RulesBreak The Rules04/05/197422/06/197488
Down DownDown Down07/12/197415/02/1975111
Roll Over Lay DownRoll Over Lay Down17/05/197505/07/197598
Mystery SongMystery Song10/07/197604/09/1976119
Wild Side Of LifeWild Side Of Life11/12/197626/02/1977912
Rockin' All Over The WorldRockin' All Over The World08/10/197721/01/1978316
Again And AgainAgain And Again02/09/197828/10/1978139
Accident ProneAccident Prone25/11/197813/01/1979368
Whatever You WantWhatever You Want22/09/197917/11/197949
Living On An IslandLiving On An Island24/11/197926/01/19801610
What You're ProposingWhat You're Proposing11/10/198020/12/1980211
Lies/Don't Drive My CarLies/Don't Drive My Car06/12/198007/02/19811110
Something 'Bout You Baby I LikeSomething 'Bout You Baby I Like28/02/198111/04/198197
Rock 'N' RollRock 'N' Roll28/11/198106/02/1982811
Dear JohnDear John27/03/198215/05/1982108
She Don't Fool MeShe Don't Fool Me12/06/198210/07/1982365
Caroline (Live At The NEC)Caroline (Live At The NEC)30/10/198208/01/1983138
Ol' Rag BluesOl' Rag Blues10/09/198329/10/198398
A Mess Of BluesA Mess Of Blues05/11/198310/12/1983156
Marguerita TimeMarguerita Time10/12/198318/02/1984311
Going Down Town TonightGoing Down Town Tonight19/05/198423/06/1984206
The WandererThe Wanderer27/10/198405/01/1985711
Rollin' HomeRollin' Home17/05/198621/06/198696
Red SkyRed Sky26/07/198613/09/1986198
In The Army NowIn The Army Now04/10/198603/01/1987214
Ain't ComplainingAin't Complaining26/03/198830/04/1988196
Who Gets The LoveWho Gets The Love21/05/198811/06/1988344
Running All Over The WorldRunning All Over The World20/08/198824/09/1988176
Burning Bridges (On And Off And On Again)Burning Bridges (On And Off And On Again)03/12/198804/02/1989510
Not At AllNot At All28/10/198904/11/1989502
Little DreamerLittle Dreamer09/12/198916/12/1989762
The Anniversary Waltz - Part OneThe Anniversary Waltz - Part One29/09/199005/01/1991212
The Anniversary Waltz - Part TwoThe Anniversary Waltz - Part Two15/12/199026/01/1991167
Can't Give You MoreCan't Give You More07/09/199121/09/1991373
Rock 'Til You DropRock 'Til You Drop18/01/199201/02/1992383
Roadhouse Medley (Anniversary Waltz Part 25)Roadhouse Medley (Anniversary Waltz Part 25)10/10/199231/10/1992214
I Didn't Mean ItI Didn't Mean It06/08/199427/08/1994214
Sherri Don't Fail Me NowSherri Don't Fail Me Now22/10/199429/10/1994382
When You Walk In The RoomWhen You Walk In The Room04/11/199511/11/1995342
Don't StopDon't Stop13/04/199620/04/1996352
The Way It GoesThe Way It Goes20/03/199927/03/1999392
Little White LiesLittle White Lies12/06/199912/06/1999471
Twenty Wild HorsesTwenty Wild Horses02/10/199902/10/1999531
Mony MonyMony Mony13/05/200013/05/2000481
Jam Side DownJam Side Down17/08/200231/08/2002173
All Stand Up (Never Say Never)All Stand Up (Never Say Never)09/11/200209/11/2002511
You'll Come 'RoundYou'll Come 'Round25/09/200409/10/2004143
Thinking of YouThinking of You04/12/200418/12/2004213
The Party Ain't Over YetThe Party Ain't Over Yet24/09/200508/10/2005113
All That Counts Is LoveAll That Counts Is Love12/11/200519/11/2005292
Beginning Of The EndBeginning Of The End22/09/200722/09/2007481
It's Christmas TimeIt's Christmas Time20/12/200827/12/2008402

 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
The Best Of Status QuoThe Best Of Status Quo09/06/197328/07/1973327
On The LevelOn The Level01/03/197513/09/1975127
Down The DustpipeDown The Dustpipe08/11/197513/12/1975206
Blue For YouBlue For You20/03/197612/03/1977130
Rockin' All Over The WorldRockin' All Over The World26/11/197704/03/1978515
Can't Stand The HeatCan't Stand The Heat11/11/197810/02/1979314
Whatever You WantWhatever You Want20/10/197919/01/1980314
12 Gold Bars12 Gold Bars22/03/198010/07/1982348
Just Supposin'Just Supposin'25/10/198021/03/1981418
Never Too LateNever Too Late28/03/198127/06/1981213
Fresh QuotaFresh Quota10/10/198110/10/1981741
From The Makers Of..From The Makers Of..13/11/198219/03/1983418
Back To BackBack To Back03/12/198304/08/1984922
Live At The NECLive At The NEC04/08/198418/08/1984833
Twelve Golden Bars Volume 1 And Volume 2Twelve Golden Bars Volume 1 And Volume 201/12/198420/04/19851218
In The Army NowIn The Army Now06/09/198607/02/1987723
Ain't ComplainingAin't Complaining18/06/198816/07/1988125
Perfect RemedyPerfect Remedy02/12/198909/12/1989492
Rocking All Over The YearsRocking All Over The Years20/10/199006/04/1991225
Rock 'Til You DropRock 'Til You Drop05/10/199116/11/1991107
Live alive QuoLive alive Quo14/11/199214/11/1992371
Thirsty workThirsty work03/09/199417/09/1994133
Don't stopDon't stop17/02/199627/04/1996211
Whatever you want the very best ofWhatever you want the very best of25/10/199729/11/1997136
Under The InfluenceUnder The Influence10/04/199910/04/1999261
Famous In The Last CenturyFamous In The Last Century29/04/200020/05/2000194
Heavy TrafficHeavy Traffic05/10/200219/10/2002153
Xs All Areas - The Greatest HitsXs All Areas - The Greatest Hits02/10/200416/10/2004163
Now And ThenNow And Then25/06/200525/06/2005491
The Party Ain't Over YetThe Party Ain't Over Yet01/10/200508/10/2005182
In Search Of The Fourth ChordIn Search Of The Fourth Chord29/09/200706/10/2007152
Pictures - 40 Years Of HitsPictures - 40 Years Of Hits15/11/200817/01/200989
Quid Pro QuoQuid Pro Quo11/06/201102/07/2011104