Ozzy Osbourne

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Total Releases: 30
Chart Appearances: 123
Highest Chart Entry: 7
First Chart Appearance: 20/09/1980
Total Top 10 Albums: 3
Total Top 40 Singles: 6
Total Top 40 Albums: 13
 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Symptom Of The UniverseSymptom Of The Universe08/01/198308/01/19831001
Bark At The MoonBark At The Moon26/11/198314/01/1984218
So TiredSo Tired02/06/198428/07/1984209
Shot In The DarkShot In The Dark01/02/198608/03/1986206
The Ultimate Sin/Lightning StrikesThe Ultimate Sin/Lightning Strikes09/08/198616/08/1986722
Crazy Train {1987}Crazy Train {1987}04/07/198704/07/1987991
Ultimate SinUltimate Sin06/08/198813/08/1988762
Miracle ManMiracle Man12/11/198819/11/1988872
No More TearsNo More Tears28/09/199112/10/1991323
Mama I'm Coming HomeMama I'm Coming Home30/11/199107/12/1991462
Perry MasonPerry Mason25/11/199502/12/1995232
I Just Want YouI Just Want You31/08/199631/08/1996431
Dreamer/Gets Me ThroughDreamer/Gets Me Through08/06/200213/07/2002186
In My LifeIn My Life24/12/200524/12/2005631

 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Ozzy Osbourne'S Blizzard Of OzOzzy Osbourne'S Blizzard Of Oz20/09/198008/11/198078
Diary Of A MadmanDiary Of A Madman07/11/198123/01/19821412
Talk Of The DevilTalk Of The Devil27/11/198201/01/1983216
Bark At The MoonBark At The Moon10/12/198328/01/1984247
The Ultimate SinThe Ultimate Sin22/02/198630/08/1986810
No Rest For The WickedNo Rest For The Wicked22/10/198812/11/1988234
Just Say OzzyJust Say Ozzy17/03/199017/03/1990691
No More TearsNo More Tears19/10/199102/11/1991173
The Ozzman Cometh The Best OfThe Ozzman Cometh The Best Of15/11/199715/11/1997681
Down To EarthDown To Earth27/10/200110/11/2001193
The EssentialThe Essential15/03/200329/03/2003213
Under CoverUnder Cover10/12/200510/12/2005671
Black RainBlack Rain02/06/200730/06/200785