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Total Releases: 40
Chart Appearances: 1098
Highest Chart Entry: 1
First Chart Appearance: 23/04/1994
Number One Singles: 8
Number One Albums: 8
Total Top 10 Singles: 23
Total Top 10 Albums: 11
Total Top 40 Singles: 26
Total Top 40 Albums: 13
 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Live ForeverLive Forever20/08/199411/01/19971018
Cigarettes And AlcoholCigarettes And Alcohol22/10/199411/01/1997735
Some Might SaySome Might Say06/05/199511/01/1997127
Some Might Say {12''}Some Might Say {12''}13/05/199513/05/1995711
Roll With ItRoll With It26/08/199511/01/1997218
Don't Look Back In AngerDon't Look Back In Anger02/03/199611/01/1997124
D'You Know What I Mean?D'You Know What I Mean?19/07/199715/11/1997118
Stand By MeStand By Me04/10/199731/01/1998218
All Around The WorldAll Around The World24/01/199818/04/199819
Go Let It OutGo Let It Out19/02/200013/05/2000112
Who Feels Love?Who Feels Love?29/04/200001/07/200048
Sunday Morning CallSunday Morning Call15/07/200019/08/200046
The Hindu TimesThe Hindu Times27/04/200206/07/2002111
Stop Crying Your Heart OutStop Crying Your Heart Out29/06/200205/11/2011216
Little By Little/She Is LoveLittle By Little/She Is Love05/10/200223/11/200228
The Importance Of Being IdleThe Importance Of Being Idle03/09/200521/01/2006119
Let There Be LoveLet There Be Love10/12/200511/02/2006210
Lord Don't Slow Me DownLord Don't Slow Me Down03/11/200717/11/2007103
The Shock Of The LightningThe Shock Of The Lightning11/10/200815/11/200836
I'm Outta TimeI'm Outta Time13/12/200827/12/2008123
Falling DownFalling Down21/03/200911/04/2009104

 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Definitely MaybeDefinitely Maybe10/09/199430/07/20051174
(What's The Story) Morning Glory?(What's The Story) Morning Glory?14/10/199525/08/20121171
Definitely maybe singles box silverDefinitely maybe singles box silver16/11/199630/11/1996233
Whats the story morning glory singles box goldWhats the story morning glory singles box gold16/11/199630/11/1996243
Be Here NowBe Here Now30/08/199705/09/1998136
The MasterplanThe Masterplan14/11/199811/03/2000214
Standing On The Shoulder Of GiantsStanding On The Shoulder Of Giants11/03/200021/09/2002125
Familiar To MillionsFamiliar To Millions25/11/200020/07/2002511
Heathen ChemistryHeathen Chemistry13/07/200211/06/2005144
Don't Believe The TruthDon't Believe The Truth11/06/200518/03/2006141
Stop The ClocksStop The Clocks02/12/200625/07/2009267
Dig Out Your SoulDig Out Your Soul18/10/200827/06/2009133
Time Flies - 1994-2009Time Flies - 1994-200926/06/201029/09/2012159