Manic Street Preachers

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Total Releases: 57
Chart Appearances: 405
Highest Chart Entry: 1
First Chart Appearance: 02/02/1991
Number One Singles: 2
Number One Albums: 1
Total Top 10 Singles: 14
Total Top 10 Albums: 10
Total Top 40 Singles: 33
Total Top 40 Albums: 13
 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Motown JunkMotown Junk02/02/199109/02/1991942
You Love UsYou Love Us25/05/199101/06/1991622
Stay BeautifulStay Beautiful10/08/199124/08/1991403
Love's Sweet Exile/RepeatLove's Sweet Exile/Repeat09/11/199123/11/1991263
You Love Us {1992}You Love Us {1992}01/02/199222/02/1992164
Slash 'N' BurnSlash 'N' Burn28/03/199218/04/1992204
Motorcycle EmptinessMotorcycle Emptiness13/06/199218/07/1992176
Little Baby NothingLittle Baby Nothing21/11/199205/12/1992293
From Despair To WhereFrom Despair To Where12/06/199303/07/1993254
La Tristesse Durera (Scream To A Sigh)La Tristesse Durera (Scream To A Sigh)31/07/199328/08/1993225
Roses In The HospitalRoses In The Hospital02/10/199316/10/1993153
Life Becoming A LandslideLife Becoming A Landslide12/02/199419/02/1994362
She Is SufferingShe Is Suffering15/10/199429/10/1994253
A Design For LifeA Design For Life27/04/199627/07/1996211
Everything Must GoEverything Must Go03/08/199607/09/199656
Kevin CarterKevin Carter12/10/199602/11/199694
 You Love Us {1997}13/09/199713/09/1997491
 Little Baby Nothing {1997}13/09/199713/09/1997501
 Stay Beautiful {1997}13/09/199713/09/1997521
Slash 'N' Burn {1997}Slash 'N' Burn {1997}13/09/199713/09/1997541
Love's Sweet Exile/Repeat {1997}Love's Sweet Exile/Repeat {1997}13/09/199713/09/1997551
Motorcycle Emptiness {1997}Motorcycle Emptiness {1997}13/09/199720/09/1997412
If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be NextIf You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next05/09/199805/12/1998111
The EverlastingThe Everlasting12/12/199830/01/1999118
You Stole The Sun From My HeartYou Stole The Sun From My Heart20/03/199908/05/199958
The Masses Against The ClassesThe Masses Against The Classes22/01/200001/04/200017
So Why So SadSo Why So Sad10/03/200121/04/200187
Found That SoulFound That Soul10/03/200121/04/200194
Ocean SprayOcean Spray16/06/200107/07/2001154
Let Robeson SingLet Robeson Sing22/09/200129/09/2001192
There By The Grace Of GodThere By The Grace Of God26/10/200207/12/200265
The Love Of Richard NixonThe Love Of Richard Nixon30/10/200420/11/200424
Empty SoulsEmpty Souls22/01/200512/02/200524
Your Love Alone Is Not EnoughYour Love Alone Is Not Enough05/05/200711/08/2007212
Indian SummerIndian Summer13/10/200713/10/2007221
(It's Not War) Just The End Of Love(It's Not War) Just The End Of Love25/09/201016/10/2010284
Some Kind Of NothingnessSome Kind Of Nothingness18/12/201018/12/2010441
Postcards From A Young ManPostcards From A Young Man12/03/201112/03/2011541

 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Generation terroristsGeneration terrorists22/02/199217/11/20121311
Gold against the soulGold against the soul03/07/199311/09/1993811
The Holy bibleThe Holy bible10/09/199403/10/199864
Everything must goEverything must go01/06/199607/11/1998280
This Is My Truth Tell Me YoursThis Is My Truth Tell Me Yours26/09/199816/09/2000146
Know Your EnemyKnow Your Enemy31/03/200121/07/2001214
Forever Delayed - The Greatest HitsForever Delayed - The Greatest Hits09/11/200226/04/2008417
Lipstick Traces - A Secret History Of Manic Street PreachersLipstick Traces - A Secret History Of Manic Street Preachers26/07/200309/08/2003113
Send Away The TigersSend Away The Tigers19/05/200718/08/2007213
Journal For Plague LoversJournal For Plague Lovers30/05/200927/06/200935
Postcards From A Young ManPostcards From A Young Man02/10/201019/03/201139
National Treasures - The Complete SinglesNational Treasures - The Complete Singles12/11/201131/12/2011108