Level 42

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Total Releases: 44
Chart Appearances: 411
Highest Chart Entry: 2
First Chart Appearance: 30/08/1980
Total Top 10 Singles: 6
Total Top 10 Albums: 7
Total Top 40 Singles: 20
Total Top 40 Albums: 12
 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Love Meeting LoveLove Meeting Love30/08/198020/09/1980614
Love GamesLove Games18/04/198123/05/1981386
Turn It OnTurn It On08/08/198112/09/1981576
Are You Hearing (What I Hear)Are You Hearing (What I Hear)08/05/198205/06/1982495
Weave Your SpellWeave Your Spell02/10/198223/10/1982434
The Chinese WayThe Chinese Way15/01/198305/03/1983248
Out Of Sight Out Of MindOut Of Sight Out Of Mind16/04/198307/05/1983414
The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)30/07/198315/10/19831012
Micro KidMicro Kid22/10/198319/11/1983375
Hot WaterHot Water01/09/198427/10/1984189
The Chant Has BegunThe Chant Has Begun03/11/198405/01/1985416
A Physical Presence (EP)A Physical Presence (EP)15/06/198515/06/1985871
Something About YouSomething About You21/09/198511/01/1986617
Leaving Me NowLeaving Me Now07/12/198515/02/19861511
Lessons In LoveLessons In Love26/04/198630/08/1986317
Running In The FamilyRunning In The Family14/02/198718/04/1987610
To Be With You AgainTo Be With You Again25/04/198706/06/1987107
It's OverIt's Over12/09/198731/10/1987108
Children SayChildren Say12/12/198716/01/1988226
Heaven In My HandsHeaven In My Hands03/09/198801/10/1988125
Take A LookTake A Look29/10/198819/11/1988324
Take Care Of YourselfTake Care Of Yourself28/10/198911/11/1989393
My Father's ShoesMy Father's Shoes18/04/199218/04/1992551
Forever NowForever Now26/02/199419/03/1994194
All Over YouAll Over You30/04/199407/05/1994262
Love In A Peaceful WorldLove In A Peaceful World06/08/199420/08/1994313

 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Level 42Level 4229/08/198106/03/19822017
The Early Tapes July-August 1980The Early Tapes July-August 198010/04/198208/05/1982704
The Pursuit Of AccidentsThe Pursuit Of Accidents18/09/198226/03/19831716
Standing In The LightStanding In The Light03/09/198321/01/1984913
True ColoursTrue Colours13/10/198401/12/1984148
A Physical PresenceA Physical Presence06/07/198503/08/1985285
World MachineWorld Machine26/10/198523/05/1987372
Running In The FamilyRunning In The Family28/03/198702/04/1988254
Staring At The SunStaring At The Sun01/10/198804/02/1989211
Level BestLevel Best18/11/198924/02/1990515
Forever nowForever now26/03/199409/04/199483
The Very best ofThe Very best of07/11/199814/11/1998412
The Definitive CollectionThe Definitive Collection24/06/200608/07/2006203