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Total Releases: 53
Chart Appearances: 700
Highest Chart Entry: 1
First Chart Appearance: 14/10/1972
Number One Albums: 6
Total Top 10 Singles: 8
Total Top 10 Albums: 17
Total Top 40 Singles: 21
Total Top 40 Albums: 21
 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)06/04/197418/05/1974217
Your Own Special WayYour Own Special Way26/02/197712/03/1977433
Spot The PigeonSpot The Pigeon28/05/197709/07/1977147
Follow You Follow MeFollow You Follow Me11/03/197803/06/1978713
Many Too ManyMany Too Many08/07/197805/08/1978435
Turn It On AgainTurn It On Again15/03/198017/05/1980810
Keep It DarkKeep It Dark31/10/198121/11/1981334
Man On The CornerMan On The Corner13/03/198210/04/1982415
3 x 3 (EP)3 x 3 (EP)22/05/198203/07/1982107
That's AllThat's All12/11/198321/01/19841611
Illegal AlienIllegal Alien11/02/198417/03/1984465
Invisible TouchInvisible Touch31/05/198619/07/1986158
In Too DeepIn Too Deep30/08/198625/10/1986199
Land Of ConfusionLand Of Confusion22/11/198607/02/19871412
Tonight Tonight TonightTonight Tonight Tonight14/03/198723/05/1987187
Throwing It All AwayThrowing It All Away20/06/198708/08/1987228
No Son Of MineNo Son Of Mine02/11/199104/01/199267
I Can't DanceI Can't Dance11/01/199207/03/199279
Hold On My HeartHold On My Heart18/04/199216/05/1992165
Jesus He Knows MeJesus He Knows Me25/07/199205/09/1992207
Invisible Touch (Live)Invisible Touch (Live)21/11/199212/12/199274
Tell Me WhyTell Me Why20/02/199306/03/1993403
Not About UsNot About Us07/03/199807/03/1998661

 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Fox TrotFox Trot14/10/197225/11/1972127
Genesis LiveGenesis Live11/08/197327/10/1973910
Selling England By The PoundSelling England By The Pound20/10/197315/06/1974321
Nursery CrymeNursery Cryme11/05/197431/03/1984392
The Lamb Lies Down On BroadwayThe Lamb Lies Down On Broadway07/12/197411/01/1975106
A Trick Of The TailA Trick Of The Tail28/02/197623/09/1978339
Wind And WutheringWind And Wuthering15/01/197703/09/1977722
Seconds OutSeconds Out29/10/197718/02/1978417
And Then There Were ThreeAnd Then There Were Three15/04/197817/03/1979332
3 Sides Live3 Sides Live12/06/198216/10/1982219
Invisible TouchInvisible Touch21/06/198615/08/1992196
We Can't DanceWe Can't Dance23/11/199116/01/1993161
Live - The Way We Walk - Vol 1: The ShortsLive - The Way We Walk - Vol 1: The Shorts28/11/199227/03/1993318
Live - The Way We Walk - Vol 2: The LongsLive - The Way We Walk - Vol 2: The Longs23/01/199320/03/199319
Calling all stationsCalling all stations13/09/199725/10/199727
Archive 1967-1975Archive 1967-197504/07/199804/07/1998351
Turn It On Again - The HitsTurn It On Again - The Hits06/11/199904/08/2007421
Platinum CollectionPlatinum Collection11/12/200405/02/2005219
Live Over Europe 2007Live Over Europe 200708/12/200705/01/2008515