Gary Moore

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Total Releases: 37
Chart Appearances: 201
Highest Chart Entry: 4
First Chart Appearance: 03/02/1979
Total Top 10 Singles: 1
Total Top 10 Albums: 3
Total Top 40 Singles: 10
Total Top 40 Albums: 11
 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Parisienne WalkwaysParisienne Walkways21/04/197930/06/1979811
Hold On To LoveHold On To Love21/01/198404/02/1984653
 Shapes Of Things31/03/198414/04/1984773
Empty RoomsEmpty Rooms11/08/198408/09/1984515
Empty Rooms {1985}Empty Rooms {1985}27/07/198514/09/1985238
Over The Hills And Far AwayOver The Hills And Far Away20/12/198607/02/1987208
 Wild Frontier28/02/198728/03/1987355
Friday On My MindFriday On My Mind09/05/198713/06/1987266
The LonerThe Loner29/08/198726/09/1987535
 Take A Little Time05/12/198712/12/1987752
After The WarAfter The War14/01/198904/02/1989374
Ready For LoveReady For Love18/03/198901/04/1989563
Still Got The Blues (For You)Still Got The Blues (For You)12/05/199023/06/1990317
Walking By MyselfWalking By Myself18/08/199015/09/1990485
 Too Tired01/12/199019/01/1991715
Cold Day In HellCold Day In Hell22/02/199221/03/1992245
Story Of The BluesStory Of The Blues09/05/199230/05/1992404
 Separate Ways24/10/199224/10/1992591
 Parisienne Walkways {1993}08/05/199329/05/1993324
Need Your Love So BadNeed Your Love So Bad17/06/199524/06/1995482

 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Back On The StreetsBack On The Streets03/02/197903/02/1979701
Corridors Of PowerCorridors Of Power16/10/198220/11/1982306
Victims Of The FutureVictims Of The Future18/02/198431/03/1984127
We Want MooreWe Want Moore13/10/198427/10/1984323
Run For CoverRun For Cover14/09/198502/11/1985128
Rockin' Every NightRockin' Every Night12/07/198612/07/1986991
Wild FrontierWild Frontier14/03/198720/06/1987814
After The WarAfter The War11/02/198911/03/1989235
Still Got The BluesStill Got The Blues07/04/199029/09/19901326
After hoursAfter hours21/03/199213/06/1992413
Blues aliveBlues alive22/05/199319/06/199385
Ballads & blues 1982-1994Ballads & blues 1982-199426/11/199431/12/1994336
Blues for greeneyBlues for greeney10/06/199508/07/1995145
Dark days in paradiseDark days in paradise07/06/199714/06/1997432
Out In The Fields The Very Best OfOut In The Fields The Very Best Of31/10/199831/10/1998541
Back To The BluesBack To The Blues24/03/200124/03/2001531
Blues For JimiBlues For Jimi06/10/201206/10/2012801