Fatboy Slim

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Total Releases: 20
Chart Appearances: 202
Highest Chart Entry: 1
First Chart Appearance: 28/09/1996
Number One Singles: 1
Number One Albums: 1
Total Top 10 Singles: 6
Total Top 10 Albums: 3
Total Top 40 Singles: 12
Total Top 40 Albums: 4
 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Going Out Of My HeadGoing Out Of My Head03/05/199703/05/1997571
Everybody Needs A 303Everybody Needs A 30301/11/199708/11/1997342
The Rockafeller SkankThe Rockafeller Skank20/06/199825/08/2012611
Gangster TrippinGangster Trippin17/10/199805/12/199838
Praise YouPraise You16/01/199903/04/1999112
Right Here Right NowRight Here Right Now01/05/199925/08/2012211
Sunset (Bird Of Prey)Sunset (Bird Of Prey)28/10/200003/02/2001913
Demons ft Macy GrayDemons ft Macy Gray20/01/200117/02/2001165
Star 69Star 6905/05/200116/06/2001107
A Song For Shelter/Ya MamaA Song For Shelter/Ya Mama15/09/200122/09/2001302
Slash Dot DashSlash Dot Dash02/10/200416/10/2004123
Wonderful NightWonderful Night11/12/200418/12/2004512
The JokerThe Joker12/03/200519/03/2005322
That Old Pair Of JeansThat Old Pair Of Jeans08/07/200615/07/2006392

 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Better living through chemistryBetter living through chemistry28/09/199628/09/1996691
You've Come A Long Way, BabyYou've Come A Long Way, Baby31/10/199814/04/2001177
Halfway Between The Gutter And The StarsHalfway Between The Gutter And The Stars18/11/200019/10/2002823
Why Try Harder - The Greatest HitsWhy Try Harder - The Greatest Hits01/07/200625/08/2012216