Elvis Presley

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Total Releases: 269
Chart Appearances: 2672
Highest Chart Entry: 1
First Chart Appearance: 12/05/1956
Number One Singles: 20
Number One Albums: 11
Total Top 10 Singles: 75
Total Top 10 Albums: 48
Total Top 40 Singles: 127
Total Top 40 Albums: 88
 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Heartbreak HotelHeartbreak Hotel12/05/195627/10/1956222
Blue Suede ShoesBlue Suede Shoes26/05/195608/09/2007912
I Want You I Need You I Love YouI Want You I Need You I Love You14/07/195629/09/19561411
Hound DogHound Dog22/09/195615/09/2007225
Blue MoonBlue Moon17/11/195626/01/1957911
 I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine24/11/195605/01/1957234
Love Me TenderLove Me Tender08/12/195602/02/1957119
 Mystery Train16/02/195716/03/1957255
Rip It UpRip It Up09/03/195709/03/1957271
Too MuchToo Much11/05/195713/07/195769
All Shook UpAll Shook Up15/06/195709/11/1957121
(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear13/07/195716/11/1957319
Got A Lot O' Livin' To DoGot A Lot O' Livin' To Do19/10/195709/11/1957174
Loving YouLoving You02/11/195709/11/1957242
Trying To Get To YouTrying To Get To You02/11/195723/11/1957164
Lawdy Miss ClawdyLawdy Miss Clawdy09/11/195707/12/1957155
 Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me16/11/195704/01/195878
 I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone18/01/195808/02/1958213
Jailhouse RockJailhouse Rock25/01/195812/03/1983120
Jailhouse Rock (EP)Jailhouse Rock (EP)01/02/195801/03/1958185
Wear My Ring Around Your NeckWear My Ring Around Your Neck03/05/195803/11/2007312
Hard Headed WomanHard Headed Woman26/07/195813/10/2007213
King CreoleKing Creole04/10/195813/10/2007216
One Night/I Got StungOne Night/I Got Stung24/01/195911/04/1959112
A Fool Such As I/I Need Your Love TonightA Fool Such As I/I Need Your Love Tonight25/04/195901/08/1959115
A Big Hunk O' LoveA Big Hunk O' Love25/07/195927/10/2007411
Strictly Elvis (EP)Strictly Elvis (EP)13/02/196013/02/1960251
Stuck On YouStuck On You09/04/196009/07/1960314
A Mess Of BluesA Mess Of Blues30/07/196026/11/1960218
It's Now or NeverIt's Now or Never05/11/196011/03/1961119
Are You Lonesome Tonight?Are You Lonesome Tonight?21/01/196129/04/1961115
Wooden HeartWooden Heart11/03/196109/09/1961127
Wild In The Country/I Feel So BadWild In The Country/I Feel So Bad09/09/196125/11/1961412
His Latest Flame/Little SistersHis Latest Flame/Little Sisters04/11/196127/01/1962113
Can't Help Falling In Love/Rock-A-Hula BabyCan't Help Falling In Love/Rock-A-Hula Baby03/02/196216/06/1962120
Good Luck CharmGood Luck Charm12/05/196201/09/1962117
Follow That Dream (EP)Follow That Dream (EP)23/06/196230/06/1962342
She's Not YouShe's Not You01/09/196201/12/1962114
Return To SenderReturn To Sender01/12/196202/03/1963114
One Broken Heart For SaleOne Broken Heart For Sale02/03/196327/04/1963129
Devil In DisguiseDevil In Disguise06/07/196321/09/1963112
Bossa Nova BabyBossa Nova Baby26/10/196314/12/1963138
Kiss Me QuickKiss Me Quick21/12/196322/02/19641410
Viva Las VegasViva Las Vegas14/03/196417/11/20071514
Kissin' CousinsKissin' Cousins27/06/196405/09/19641011
Such A NightSuch A Night22/08/196424/10/19641310
Ain't That Loving You BabyAin't That Loving You Baby31/10/196419/12/1964158
Blue ChristmasBlue Christmas05/12/196416/01/1965117
Do The ClamDo The Clam13/03/196501/05/1965198
Crying In The ChapelCrying In The Chapel29/05/196504/09/1965115
Tell Me WhyTell Me Why13/11/196515/01/19661510
Blue RiverBlue River26/02/196609/04/1966227
Frankie And JohnnyFrankie And Johnny09/04/196604/06/1966219
Love LettersLove Letters09/07/196610/09/1966610
All That I AmAll That I Am15/10/196603/12/1966188
If Every Day Was Like ChristmasIf Every Day Was Like Christmas03/12/196614/01/196797
Indescribably BlueIndescribably Blue11/02/196711/03/1967215
 You Gotta Stop/Love Machine13/05/196710/06/1967385
Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On)Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On)19/08/196726/08/1967492
Guitar ManGuitar Man24/02/196820/04/1968199
US MaleUS Male18/05/196806/07/1968158
Your Time Hasn't Come Yet BabyYour Time Hasn't Come Yet Baby20/07/196828/09/19682211
You'll Never Walk AloneYou'll Never Walk Alone19/10/196802/11/1968443
If I Can DreamIf I Can Dream01/03/196910/11/20071112
In The GhettoIn The Ghetto14/06/196924/11/2007219
Clean Up Your Own Back YardClean Up Your Own Back Yard06/09/196918/10/1969217
Suspicious MindsSuspicious Minds29/11/196915/09/2007218
Don't Cry DaddyDon't Cry Daddy28/02/197009/05/1970811
Kentucky RainKentucky Rain16/05/197008/08/19702112
The Wonder Of YouThe Wonder Of You11/07/197023/01/1971121
I've Lost YouI've Lost You14/11/197030/01/1971912
You Don't Have To Say You Love MeYou Don't Have To Say You Love Me09/01/197124/11/2007911
There Goes My EverythingThere Goes My Everything20/03/197129/05/1971611
Rags To RichesRags To Riches15/05/197124/07/1971911
Heartbreak Hotel/Hound DogHeartbreak Hotel/Hound Dog17/07/197102/10/19711012
I'm Leavin'I'm Leavin'02/10/197127/11/1971239
I Just Can't Help BelievingI Just Can't Help Believing04/12/197118/03/1972616
 Jailhouse Rock {1971}11/12/197108/01/1972425
Until It's Time For You To GoUntil It's Time For You To Go01/04/197227/05/197259
An American TrilogyAn American Trilogy17/06/197208/12/2007812
Burning LoveBurning Love30/09/197215/12/2007710
Always On My MindAlways On My Mind16/12/197201/12/2007914
Polk Salad AnniePolk Salad Annie26/05/197307/07/1973237
Raised On RockRaised On Rock24/11/197305/01/1974367
I've Got A Thing About You BabyI've Got A Thing About You Baby16/03/197413/04/1974335
If You Talk In Your SleepIf You Talk In Your Sleep13/07/197427/07/1974403
My BoyMy Boy16/11/197408/02/1975513
Promised LandPromised Land18/01/197508/03/197598
Green Green Grass Of HomeGreen Green Grass Of Home29/11/197510/01/1976297
Girl Of My Best FriendGirl Of My Best Friend04/09/197620/11/1976912
Moody BlueMoody Blue05/03/197730/04/197769
Way DownWay Down13/08/197705/11/1977113
Return To Sender {1977}Return To Sender {1977}03/09/197717/09/1977423
All Shook Up {1977}All Shook Up {1977}03/09/197710/09/1977412
Crying In The Chapel {1977}Crying In The Chapel {1977}03/09/197710/09/1977432
Jailhouse Rock {1977}Jailhouse Rock {1977}03/09/197710/09/1977442
Are You Lonesome Tonight? {1977}Are You Lonesome Tonight? {1977}03/09/197703/09/1977461
The Wonder Of You {1977}The Wonder Of You {1977}03/09/197703/09/1977481
It's Now Or Never {1977}It's Now Or Never {1977}03/09/197710/09/1977392
My WayMy Way10/12/197728/01/197898
Don't Be CruelDon't Be Cruel24/06/197809/09/19782412
It Won't Seem Like Christmas (Without You)It Won't Seem Like Christmas (Without You)15/12/197919/01/1980136
It's Only Love/Beyond The ReefIt's Only Love/Beyond The Reef30/08/198001/11/1980310
Santa Claus Is Back In TownSanta Claus Is Back In Town06/12/198010/01/1981416
Guitar Man {1981}Guitar Man {1981}14/02/198107/03/1981434
Loving ArmsLoving Arms18/04/198123/05/1981476
Are You Lonesome Tonight? {1982}Are You Lonesome Tonight? {1982}13/03/198224/04/1982257
 Baby I Don't Care07/05/198328/05/1983614
 I Can Help03/12/198328/01/1984309
Green Green Grass Of Home {1984}Green Green Grass Of Home {1984}12/05/198426/05/1984763
 The Last Farewell10/11/198415/12/1984486
The Elvis MedleyThe Elvis Medley19/01/198502/02/1985513
 Always On My Mind {1985}03/08/198531/08/1985595
Ain't That Lovin' You BabyAin't That Lovin' You Baby11/04/198709/05/1987475
 Love Me Tender {1987}22/08/198705/09/1987563
 Stuck On You {1988}16/01/198813/02/1988584
 Mean Woman Blues04/02/198918/02/1989833
Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Live)Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Live)17/08/199124/08/1991682
 Don't Be Cruel {1992}29/08/199205/09/1992422
The Twelfth Of NeverThe Twelfth Of Never11/11/199525/11/1995213
 Heartbreak Hotel/I Was The One18/05/199618/05/1996451
Always On My Mind {1997}Always On My Mind {1997}24/05/199728/06/1997136
 Suspicious Minds {2001}14/04/200105/05/2001154
 America The Beautiful10/11/200110/11/2001691
That's All RightThat's All Right17/07/200429/01/200537
Jailhouse Rock {2005}Jailhouse Rock {2005}15/01/200526/02/200517
One Night/I Got Stung {2005}One Night/I Got Stung {2005}22/01/200526/02/200516
A Fool Such As I/I Need Your Love Tonight {2005}A Fool Such As I/I Need Your Love Tonight {2005}29/01/200526/02/200525
It's Now Or Never {2005}It's Now Or Never {2005}05/02/200526/02/200514
Are You Lonesome Tonight? {2005}Are You Lonesome Tonight? {2005}12/02/200519/03/200526
Wooden Heart {2005}Wooden Heart {2005}19/02/200519/03/200525
Surrender {2005}Surrender {2005}26/02/200526/03/200525
His Latest Flame {2005}His Latest Flame {2005}05/03/200526/03/200534
Rock-A-Hula Baby {2005}Rock-A-Hula Baby {2005}12/03/200502/04/200534
Good Luck Charm {2005}Good Luck Charm {2005}19/03/200509/04/200524
She's Not You {2005}She's Not You {2005}26/03/200516/04/200534
Return To Sender {2005}Return To Sender {2005}02/04/200523/04/200554
(You're The) Devil In Disguise {2005}(You're The) Devil In Disguise {2005}09/04/200507/05/200525
Crying In The Chapel {2005}Crying In The Chapel {2005}16/04/200507/05/200524
The Wonder Of You {2005}The Wonder Of You {2005}23/04/200514/05/200544
Way Down {2005}Way Down {2005}30/04/200521/05/200524
My Baby Left MeMy Baby Left Me01/09/200708/09/2007192
(Let Me Be Your) Teddybear(Let Me Be Your) Teddybear15/09/200722/09/2007142

 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Elvis Presley Rock n' RollElvis Presley Rock n' Roll03/11/195630/05/1959115
Rock n' Roll No 2Rock n' Roll No 204/05/195730/03/1963320
Lovin' YouLovin' You31/08/195722/02/1958125
The Best Of ElvisThe Best Of Elvis26/10/195707/12/195737
Elvis's Christmas AlbumElvis's Christmas Album30/11/195704/01/195826
King CreoleKing Creole13/09/195807/02/1959122
Elvis' Golden RecordsElvis' Golden Records11/10/195808/10/1977260
A Date With ElvisA Date With Elvis08/08/195916/01/1960415
Elvis Golden Records, Volume 2Elvis Golden Records, Volume 218/06/196001/10/1977424
Elvis Is BackElvis Is Back23/07/196004/03/1961127
G.I. BluesG.I. Blues10/12/196030/08/1980165
His Hand In MineHis Hand In Mine20/05/196104/11/1961325
Something For EverybodySomething For Everybody04/11/196114/04/1962218
Blue HawaiiBlue Hawaii09/12/196115/10/1977171
Pot LuckPot Luck07/07/196222/12/1962125
Girls Girls GirlsGirls Girls Girls26/01/196315/06/1963221
It Happened At The World's FairIt Happened At The World's Fair11/05/196312/10/1963421
Fun In AcapulcoFun In Acapulco28/12/196304/04/1964914
Elvis' Golden Records Volume 3Elvis' Golden Records Volume 311/04/196417/09/1977615
Kissin' CouisinsKissin' Couisins04/07/196424/10/1964517
Girl HappyGirl Happy01/05/196528/08/1965718
Flaming Star And Summer KissesFlaming Star And Summer Kisses25/09/196516/10/1965114
Elvis For EveryoneElvis For Everyone04/12/196503/06/197289
Harem HolidayHarem Holiday15/01/196612/02/1966115
Frankie And JohnnyFrankie And Johnny30/04/196628/05/1966115
Paradise Hawaiian StyleParadise Hawaiian Style06/08/196630/08/1980515
California HolidayCalifornia Holiday26/11/196631/12/1966176
How Great Thou ArtHow Great Thou Art08/04/196708/07/19671114
Double TroubleDouble Trouble02/09/196702/09/1967341
Elvis - NBC TV SpecialElvis - NBC TV Special03/05/196909/05/1970226
Flaming StarFlaming Star05/07/196904/10/1969214
From Elvis In MemphisFrom Elvis In Memphis23/08/196921/02/1970114
Portrait In MusicPortrait In Music28/02/197028/02/1970361
From Memphis To Vegas - From Vegas To MemphisFrom Memphis To Vegas - From Vegas To Memphis14/03/197001/08/1970315
On Stage February 1970On Stage February 197001/08/197002/01/1971218
Worldwide 50 Gold Awards Vol.1Worldwide 50 Gold Awards Vol.112/12/197009/01/1971492
That's The Way It IsThat's The Way It Is30/01/197108/10/19771235
I'm 10,000 Years OldI'm 10,000 Years Old10/04/197105/06/197169
Love Letters From ElvisLove Letters From Elvis24/07/197121/08/197175
C'Mon EverybodyC'Mon Everybody07/08/197101/01/1972521
You'll Never Walk AloneYou'll Never Walk Alone07/08/197118/09/1971204
Almost In LoveAlmost In Love25/09/197102/10/1971382
Elvis' Christmas AlbumElvis' Christmas Album04/12/197101/01/197275
I Got LuckyI Got Lucky18/12/197101/01/1972263
Elvis NowElvis Now27/05/197215/07/1972128
Rock And RollRock And Roll03/06/197215/07/1972344
Elvis At Madison Square GardenElvis At Madison Square Garden15/07/197217/09/1977320
He Touched MeHe Touched Me12/08/197226/08/1972383
Aloha From Hawaii Via SatelliteAloha From Hawaii Via Satellite24/02/197301/04/19781110
A Legendary Performer Vol.1A Legendary Performer Vol.102/03/197416/03/1974203
Good TimesGood Times25/05/197425/05/1974421
Elvis Presley Live On Stage In MemphisElvis Presley Live On Stage In Memphis07/09/197407/09/1974441
Promised LandPromised Land22/02/197522/03/1975214
40 Greatest40 Greatest05/07/197517/02/1979152
The Elvis Presley Sun CollectionThe Elvis Presley Sun Collection06/09/197508/10/19771613
From Elvis Presley Boulevard Memphis TennesseeFrom Elvis Presley Boulevard Memphis Tennessee19/06/197610/09/1977295
Elvis In DemandElvis In Demand19/02/197708/10/19771212
Moody BlueMoody Blue27/08/197703/12/1977315
Welcome To My WorldWelcome To My World03/09/197729/10/197779
Hits Of The 70'SHits Of The 70'S10/09/197708/10/1977304
Picture Of ElvisPicture Of Elvis10/09/197710/09/1977521
The Sun YearsThe Sun Years08/10/197715/10/1977312
Loving YouLoving You15/10/197729/10/1977243
Elvis In ConcertElvis In Concert19/11/197728/01/19781310
He Walks Beside MeHe Walks Beside Me22/04/197822/04/1978371
The '56 Sessions Vol.1The '56 Sessions Vol.103/06/197819/08/1978474
Tv SpecialTv Special02/09/197816/09/1978502
A Legendary Performer Vol.3A Legendary Performer Vol.303/02/197924/02/1979434
Our Memories Of ElvisOur Memories Of Elvis05/05/197905/05/1979721
Love SongsLove Songs24/11/197901/03/1980413
Elvis Presley Sings Lieber And StollerElvis Presley Sings Lieber And Stoller21/06/198019/07/1980325
Elvis Aaron PresleyElvis Aaron Presley23/08/198013/09/1980214
Guitar ManGuitar Man14/03/198111/04/1981335
This Is Elvis PresleyThis Is Elvis Presley09/05/198130/05/1981474
The Ultimate PerformanceThe Ultimate Performance28/11/198102/01/1982456
The Sound Of Your CryThe Sound Of Your Cry13/02/198208/05/19823112
 Elvis Presley Ep Pack06/03/198206/03/1982971
Romantic Elvis/Rockin' ElvisRomantic Elvis/Rockin' Elvis21/08/198218/09/1982625
It Won't Seem Like Christmas Without YouIt Won't Seem Like Christmas Without You18/12/198218/12/1982801
Jailhouse Rock / Love In Las VegasJailhouse Rock / Love In Las Vegas30/04/198307/05/1983402
I Was The OneI Was The One20/08/198320/08/1983831
A Legendary Performer Volume 4A Legendary Performer Volume 403/12/198303/12/1983911
I Can HelpI Can Help07/04/198421/04/1984713
The First Live RecordingsThe First Live Recordings21/07/198428/07/1984692
20 Greatest Hits Volume 220 Greatest Hits Volume 226/01/198526/01/1985981
Reconsider BabyReconsider Baby25/05/198525/05/1985921
Presley - The All Time Greatest HitsPresley - The All Time Greatest Hits29/08/198712/03/1988420
Stereo '57 (Essential Elvis Volume 2)Stereo '57 (Essential Elvis Volume 2)28/01/198904/02/1989602
Hits Like Never BeforeHits Like Never Before21/07/199021/07/1990711
The Great PerformancesThe Great Performances01/09/199001/09/1990621
Collectors GoldCollectors Gold24/08/199124/08/1991571
From the heart his greatest love songsFrom the heart his greatest love songs22/02/199220/02/1993418
Presley the all time greatest hitsPresley the all time greatest hits29/08/199218/01/19973212
The Essential collectionThe Essential collection10/09/199425/02/1995625
Elvis 56Elvis 5611/05/199615/06/1996423
Always On My Mind - Ultimate Love SongsAlways On My Mind - Ultimate Love Songs07/06/199724/01/1998333
Blue suede shoesBlue suede shoes28/02/199821/03/1998394
The 50 Greatest HitsThe 50 Greatest Hits02/12/200007/07/2001831
The Live Greatest HitsThe Live Greatest Hits31/03/200121/04/2001504
The 50 Greatest Love SongsThe 50 Greatest Love Songs24/11/200119/01/2002219
The All Time Greatest HitsThe All Time Greatest Hits24/08/200231/08/2002512
Elv1s - 30 Number 1 HitsElv1s - 30 Number 1 Hits05/10/200225/08/2007153
2nd To None2nd To None18/10/200303/01/2004412
Christmas PeaceChristmas Peace06/12/200317/12/20054110
Love ElvisLove Elvis12/02/200508/03/2008814
Elvis By The PresleysElvis By The Presleys28/05/200525/06/2005135
The KingThe King25/08/200724/11/2007112
The IncomparableThe Incomparable19/04/200810/05/2008874
Elvis 75Elvis 7516/01/201028/08/201087
Viva Elvis - The AlbumViva Elvis - The Album20/11/201004/12/2010193