Duane Eddy

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Total Releases: 26
Chart Appearances: 242
Highest Chart Entry: 2
First Chart Appearance: 06/06/1959
Total Top 10 Singles: 8
Total Top 10 Albums: 5
Total Top 40 Singles: 15
Total Top 40 Albums: 9
 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Peter GunnPeter Gunn20/06/195912/09/1959611
Because They're YoungBecause They're Young23/07/196019/11/1960218
Theme From DixieTheme From Dixie22/04/196124/06/1961710
Ring Of FireRing Of Fire24/06/196126/08/19611710
Drivin' HomeDrivin' Home16/09/196107/10/1961304
Deep In The Heart Of TexasDeep In The Heart Of Texas26/05/196214/07/1962198
Ballad Of PaladinBallad Of Paladin25/08/196227/10/19621010
Dance With The Guitar ManDance With The Guitar Man10/11/196223/02/1963416
Boss GuitarBoss Guitar16/02/196306/04/1963278
Lonely Boy Lonely GuitarLonely Boy Lonely Guitar01/06/196322/06/1963354
Your Baby's Gone Surfin'Your Baby's Gone Surfin'31/08/196331/08/1963491
Play Me Like You Play Your GuitarPlay Me Like You Play Your Guitar08/03/197503/05/197599

 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Have Twangy Guitar - Will TravelHave Twangy Guitar - Will Travel06/06/195912/09/195963
Especially For YouEspecially For You31/10/195905/12/195966
The Twang's The ThangThe Twang's The Thang19/03/196010/09/1960225
 Specially For You23/07/196020/08/1960142
Songs Of Our HeritageSongs Of Our Heritage26/11/196024/12/1960135
A Million Dollars' Worth Of TwangA Million Dollars' Worth Of Twang01/04/196109/06/1962520
Twistin' And Twangin'Twistin' And Twangin'21/07/196206/10/1962812
Twangy Guitar - Silky StringsTwangy Guitar - Silky Strings08/12/196202/03/19631311
Dance With The Guitar ManDance With The Guitar Man16/03/196306/04/1963144