Diana Ross

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Total Releases: 100
Chart Appearances: 920
Highest Chart Entry: 1
First Chart Appearance: 18/07/1970
Number One Singles: 2
Number One Albums: 1
Total Top 10 Singles: 16
Total Top 10 Albums: 9
Total Top 40 Singles: 42
Total Top 40 Albums: 27
 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand)Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand)18/07/197015/08/1970335
Ain't No Mountain High EnoughAin't No Mountain High Enough12/09/197028/11/1970612
Remember MeRemember Me03/04/197119/06/1971712
I'm Still WaitingI'm Still Waiting31/07/197130/10/1971114
Doobedood'Ndoobe Doobedood'NdoobeDoobedood'Ndoobe Doobedood'Ndoobe13/05/197208/07/1972129
Touch Me In The MorningTouch Me In The Morning14/07/197313/10/1973913
All Of My LifeAll Of My Life05/01/197430/03/1974913
 Last Time I Saw Him04/05/197425/05/1974354
 Love Me28/09/197426/10/1974385
 Sorry Doesn't Always Make It Right29/03/197524/05/1975239
Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)03/04/197622/05/197658
Love HangoverLove Hangover24/04/197626/06/19761010
I Thought It Took A Little TimeI Thought It Took A Little Time10/07/197607/08/1976325
I'm Still Waiting {1976}I'm Still Waiting {1976}16/10/197606/11/1976414
Gettin' Ready For LoveGettin' Ready For Love19/11/197707/01/1978238
Lovin' Livin' Givin'Lovin' Livin' Givin'22/07/197826/08/1978546
The BossThe Boss21/07/197901/09/1979407
No One Gets The PrizeNo One Gets The Prize06/10/197920/10/1979593
It's My HouseIt's My House24/11/197926/01/19803210
Upside DownUpside Down19/07/198004/10/1980212
My Old PianoMy Old Piano20/09/198015/11/198059
I'm Coming OutI'm Coming Out15/11/198017/01/19811310
It's My TurnIt's My Turn17/01/198107/03/1981168
One More ChanceOne More Chance28/03/198125/04/1981495
Cryin' My Heart Out For YouCryin' My Heart Out For You13/06/198127/06/1981583
Why Do Fools Fall In Love?Why Do Fools Fall In Love?07/11/198123/01/1982412
 Mirror Mirror30/01/198227/02/1982365
Work That BodyWork That Body29/05/198207/08/1982711
 It's Never Too Late07/08/198228/08/1982414
So CloseSo Close15/01/198305/02/1983434
Pieces Of IcePieces Of Ice09/07/198306/08/1983465
Touch By TouchTouch By Touch15/09/198420/10/1984476
Missing YouMissing You20/04/198508/06/1985768
Eaten AliveEaten Alive21/09/198505/10/1985713
Chain ReactionChain Reaction18/01/198624/05/1986119
 Ain't No Mountain High Enough {1986}09/08/198616/08/1986852
Dirty LooksDirty Looks13/06/198727/06/1987493
Shock WaveShock Wave10/10/198717/10/1987762
Mr LeeMr Lee08/10/198822/10/1988583
Love Hangover '88Love Hangover '8826/11/198803/12/1988752
Workin' OvertimeWorkin' Overtime06/05/198903/06/1989325
I'm Still Waiting (Phill Chill Remix)I'm Still Waiting (Phill Chill Remix)07/07/199011/08/1990216
When You Tell Me That You Love MeWhen You Tell Me That You Love Me30/11/199108/02/1992211
The Force Behind The PowerThe Force Behind The Power15/02/199229/02/1992273
One Shining MomentOne Shining Moment20/06/199208/08/1992108
If We Hold On TogetherIf We Hold On Together28/11/199230/01/19931110
Heart (Don't Change My Mind)Heart (Don't Change My Mind)13/03/199327/03/1993313
Chain Reaction {1993}Chain Reaction {1993}09/10/199306/11/1993205
Your LoveYour Love11/12/199329/01/1994148
The Best Years Of My LifeThe Best Years Of My Life02/04/199423/04/1994284
Why Do Fools Fall In Love?/I'm Coming OutWhy Do Fools Fall In Love?/I'm Coming Out09/07/199430/07/1994364
Take Me HigherTake Me Higher02/09/199523/09/1995324
I'm GoneI'm Gone25/11/199509/12/1995363
I Will Survive ft RuPaulI Will Survive ft RuPaul17/02/199609/03/1996144
In The Ones You LoveIn The Ones You Love21/12/199611/01/1997344
Not Over You YetNot Over You Yet06/11/199915/01/200097

 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Diana RossDiana Ross24/10/197025/09/1976431
Everything Is EverythingEverything Is Everything19/06/197125/09/1971313
I'M Still WaitingI'M Still Waiting09/10/197122/01/19721010
Greatest Hits - Diana RossGreatest Hits - Diana Ross11/11/197215/02/19753410
Touch Me In The MorningTouch Me In The Morning01/09/197317/08/1974735
Lady Sings The BluesLady Sings The Blues27/10/197327/10/1973501
Last Time I Saw HimLast Time I Saw Him02/03/197402/03/1974411
Greatest Hits 2Greatest Hits 207/08/197619/02/1977229
An Evening With Diana RossAn Evening With Diana Ross19/03/197719/03/1977521
The BossThe Boss04/08/197918/08/1979522
20 Golden Greats - Diana Ross20 Golden Greats - Diana Ross17/11/197917/10/1981229
To Love AgainTo Love Again28/03/198130/05/19812610
Why Do Fools Fall In LoveWhy Do Fools Fall In Love07/11/198124/07/19821724
All The Greatest HitsAll The Greatest Hits21/11/198114/08/19822130
Why Do Fools Fall In Love?Why Do Fools Fall In Love?09/01/198209/01/1982201
Diana's DuetsDiana's Duets13/02/198220/03/1982436
Silk ElectricSilk Electric23/10/198208/01/19833312
Love SongsLove Songs04/12/198226/03/1983517
Swept AwaySwept Away06/10/198403/11/1984405
Eaten AliveEaten Alive28/09/198531/05/19861119
Red Hot Rhythm 'N' BluesRed Hot Rhythm 'N' Blues30/05/198720/06/1987474
Workin' OvertimeWorkin' Overtime27/05/198917/06/1989234
Greatest Hits LiveGreatest Hits Live25/11/198930/12/1989346
The Force Behind The PowerThe Force Behind The Power14/12/199130/01/19931131
Motown's Greatest HitsMotown's Greatest Hits29/02/199207/08/19932011
Stolen momentsStolen moments24/04/199301/05/1993452
One Woman  - The Ultimate CollectionOne Woman - The Ultimate Collection30/10/199304/05/1996167
Diana extended the remixesDiana extended the remixes23/04/199423/04/1994581
A Very special seasonA Very special season26/11/199431/12/1994376
Take me higherTake me higher16/09/199530/09/1995103
Voice of LoveVoice of Love23/11/199604/01/1997427
Love And Life - The Very Best Of Diana RossLove And Life - The Very Best Of Diana Ross17/11/200129/12/2001287
I Love YouI Love You14/10/200614/10/2006601
The GreatestThe Greatest19/11/201117/12/2011245