David Bowie

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Total Releases: 120
Chart Appearances: 1466
Highest Chart Entry: 1
First Chart Appearance: 06/09/1969
Number One Singles: 3
Number One Albums: 8
Total Top 10 Singles: 21
Total Top 10 Albums: 27
Total Top 40 Singles: 55
Total Top 40 Albums: 40
 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
Space OdditySpace Oddity06/09/196913/12/1969514
John I'm Only DancingJohn I'm Only Dancing16/09/197218/11/19721210
The Jean GenieThe Jean Genie09/12/197203/03/1973213
Drive-In SaturdayDrive-In Saturday14/04/197316/06/1973310
Life On MarsLife On Mars30/06/197328/04/2007315
Laughing GnomeLaughing Gnome15/09/197301/12/1973612
Rebel RebelRebel Rebel23/02/197406/04/197457
Rock And Roll SuicideRock And Roll Suicide20/04/197401/06/1974227
Diamond DogsDiamond Dogs22/06/197427/07/1974216
Knock On WoodKnock On Wood28/09/197402/11/1974106
Young AmericansYoung Americans01/03/197512/04/1975187
Space Oddity {1975}Space Oddity {1975}11/10/197513/12/1975110
Golden YearsGolden Years29/11/197531/01/1976810
TVC 15TVC 1522/05/197612/06/1976334
Sound And VisionSound And Vision19/02/197730/04/1977311
Beauty And The BeastBeauty And The Beast21/01/197804/02/1978393
Breaking Glass (EP)Breaking Glass (EP)02/12/197813/01/1979547
Boys Keep SwingingBoys Keep Swinging05/05/197907/07/1979710
John I'm Only Dancing (Again)John I'm Only Dancing (Again)15/12/197902/02/1980128
Alabama SongAlabama Song01/03/198029/03/1980235
Ashes To AshesAshes To Ashes16/08/198018/10/1980110
Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)10/01/198114/02/1981206
Up The Hill BackwardsUp The Hill Backwards28/03/198102/05/1981326
Wild Is The WindWild Is The Wind28/11/198130/01/19822410
Baal's Hymn EPBaal's Hymn EP06/03/198203/04/1982295
Cat People (Putting Out Fire)Cat People (Putting Out Fire)10/04/198215/05/1982266
Let's DanceLet's Dance26/03/198309/07/1983116
China GirlChina Girl11/06/198330/07/198328
Space Oddity {1983}Space Oddity {1983}18/06/198302/07/1983853
The Jean Genie {1983}The Jean Genie {1983}18/06/198325/06/1983982
Life On Mars {1983}Life On Mars {1983}25/06/198325/06/1983971
Modern LoveModern Love24/09/198312/11/198328
White Light/White HeatWhite Light/White Heat05/11/198319/11/1983463
Blue JeanBlue Jean22/09/198424/11/198469
Loving The AlienLoving The Alien08/06/198524/08/1985199
Absolute BeginnersAbsolute Beginners15/03/198610/05/198629
When The Wind BlowsWhen The Wind Blows08/11/198629/11/1986444
Day In Day OutDay In Day Out04/04/198709/05/1987176
Time Will CrawlTime Will Crawl27/06/198718/07/1987334
Never Let Me DownNever Let Me Down29/08/198703/10/1987346
Fame 90 (Gass Mix)Fame 90 (Gass Mix)07/04/199028/04/1990284
Real Cool WorldReal Cool World22/08/199222/08/1992531
Jump They SayJump They Say27/03/199301/05/199396
Black Tie White Noise ft Al B SureBlack Tie White Noise ft Al B Sure12/06/199319/06/1993362
Miracle GoodnightMiracle Goodnight23/10/199330/10/1993402
The Buddha Of SuburbiaThe Buddha Of Suburbia04/12/199318/12/1993353
The Heart's Filthy LessonThe Heart's Filthy Lesson23/09/199530/09/1995352
Strangers When We Meet/The Man Who Sold The World (Live)Strangers When We Meet/The Man Who Sold The World (Live)02/12/199509/12/1995392
Hallo SpaceboyHallo Spaceboy02/03/199623/03/1996124
Little WonderLittle Wonder08/02/199722/02/1997143
Dead Man WalkingDead Man Walking26/04/199703/05/1997322
Seven Years In TibetSeven Years In Tibet30/08/199730/08/1997611
I Can't ReadI Can't Read21/02/199821/02/1998731
Thursday's ChildThursday's Child02/10/199916/10/1999163
Everyone Says HiEveryone Says Hi28/09/200212/10/2002203
Rebel Never Gets OldRebel Never Gets Old26/06/200403/07/2004472

 ReleaseFirst ChartedLast ChartedPeakAppearances
The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From MarsThe Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars01/07/197207/07/20125175
Hunky DoryHunky Dory23/09/197207/09/20023125
Space OdditySpace Oddity25/11/197219/01/19741737
The Man Who Sold The WorldThe Man Who Sold The World25/11/197216/07/19832430
Aladdin SaneAladdin Sane05/05/197307/06/2003172
Pin UpsPin Ups03/11/197327/08/1983136
Diamond DogsDiamond Dogs08/06/197407/02/1998133
David LiveDavid Live16/11/197415/02/1975212
Young AmericansYoung Americans05/04/197506/09/1975212
Station To StationStation To Station07/02/197609/10/2010517
Scary Monsters And Super CreepsScary Monsters And Super Creeps27/09/198002/05/1981132
Very Best Of David BowieVery Best Of David Bowie10/01/198120/06/1981320
Let's DanceLet's Dance23/04/198306/10/1984156
Golden YearsGolden Years20/08/198317/09/1983335
Ziggy Stardust - The Motion PictureZiggy Stardust - The Motion Picture05/11/198310/12/1983176
Fame And Fashion (Bowie's All Time Greatest Hits)Fame And Fashion (Bowie's All Time Greatest Hits)28/04/198402/06/1984406
Love You Till TuesdayLove You Till Tuesday19/05/198409/06/1984534
Never Let Me DownNever Let Me Down02/05/198705/09/1987616
Space Oddity (1990 Version)Space Oddity (1990 Version)14/04/199014/04/1990641
Hunky Dory (1990 Version)Hunky Dory (1990 Version)14/04/199021/04/1990392
The Man Who Sold The World (1990 Version)The Man Who Sold The World (1990 Version)14/04/199014/04/1990661
The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars (1990 Version)The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars (1990 Version)23/06/199014/07/1990254
Aladdin Sane (1990 Version)Aladdin Sane (1990 Version)28/07/199028/07/1990431
Pin Ups (1990 Version)Pin Ups (1990 Version)28/07/199028/07/1990521
Diamond Dogs (1990 Version)Diamond Dogs (1990 Version)27/10/199027/10/1990671
Young Americans (1991 Version)Young Americans (1991 Version)04/05/199104/05/1991541
Station To Station (1991 Version)Station To Station (1991 Version)04/05/199104/05/1991571
Low (1990 Version)Low (1990 Version)07/09/199107/09/1991641
Black tie white noiseBlack tie white noise17/04/199326/06/1993111
The Singles CollectionThe Singles Collection20/11/199328/08/2004916
Santa Monica 72Santa Monica 7207/05/199407/05/1994741
The Best of 1969-1974The Best of 1969-197408/11/199720/04/20021317
The Best of 1974-1979The Best of 1974-197902/05/199809/05/1998392
Hours ...Hours ...16/10/199930/10/199953
Bowie At The BeebBowie At The Beeb07/10/200028/10/200074
Best Of BowieBest Of Bowie16/11/200230/10/20101167
The Platinum CollectionThe Platinum Collection19/11/200519/11/2005551
The Best Of David BowieThe Best Of David Bowie25/03/200625/03/2006711
The Best Of - 1980/1987The Best Of - 1980/198731/03/200731/03/2007341
Live Santa Monica '72Live Santa Monica '7212/07/200812/07/2008611
A Reality TourA Reality Tour06/02/201006/02/2010531