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The official charts company has requested that I remove all chart data. They claim that I am in breach of their database copyright by publishing any chart based on UK single sales. Thank to everyone for your support over the years, I have had loads of messages from people over the years who have found the site invaluable and I am very sorry to let down the people that rely on my data.

I did try to explain to the Official Charts Company that I was offering a service that was not available anywhere else and that it was a non-commercial service but my pleas fell on deaf ears. I hope that in the long term the Official Charts Company will realise that my innovations have not detracted from their potential earnings but in fact have encourage people with an interest in the charts. Perhaps they will one day offer some of the features that I have been providing here but I wouldn't hold your breath! Thanks again to all those who have supported the site and helped out. Matt
Posted by mazadillon on 15/11/2012

I have discovered the amazing HTML tag of "button" which enables me to put more descriptive titles onto buttons for accepting or rejecting edits. Hopefully this should avoid confusion around edits where the approval is for a negative action i.e. approve the deletion of an artwork. Hope you find it helpful!
Posted by mazadillon on 10/11/2012

Following user feedback I have switched around the columns on the artist pages which show the peak position of the release and it's number of weeks in the chart. This is to conform with the convention of showing the peak first, followed by the number of weeks. Hopefully people won't be too confused by this change!
Posted by mazadillon on 06/10/2012

I have only just realised that user registration on the site has not been working for the last six months or so. I have now fixed the problem and created accounts for all the people who got half way through the sign up process. If you have previously tried to register and come up with a blank screen then please try logging in again now and it should hopefully work!
Posted by mazadillon on 22/08/2012

I'm very busy this weekend and unable to take the time to upload artwork for the current charts, if anyone has some time please go to the release page for a single or album that doesn't have artwork and click on the edit icon, then go to upload artwork. Thanks!
Posted by mazadillon on 10/06/2012

As part of the transition over to the new site I have enabled the new design on old chartstats pages, you can turn it on using the link in the bottom right corner. In the near future I will be enabling the new design by default.
Posted by mazadillon on 13/02/2012

I've now created a new edit type for changing the primary artwork for a release, to do this go to the release which you want to change the artwork for and select the edit icon, then choose the option to make primary. If you find any problems then please post in the forum.
Posted by mazadillon on 10/02/2012

I've rolled out a change to the editing system that should make it more resilient to user error. Please post in the forums if you have any issues.
Posted by mazadillon on 05/02/2012

I've set up a forum to allow people to discuss the charts and about the website in general
Posted by mazadillon on 22/12/2011

Thanks for all the messages about updating the site, I have just got married and normal service will be resumed in the next couple of days.
Posted by mazadillon on 07/11/2011

I've now realised why we were getting all those 500 internal server errors, it turns out that none of the pages were being cached as I had intended and this was hugely overloading the server. The whole site should be significantly faster now.
Posted by mazadillon on 08/09/2011

I've now added an edit button to each release, this will enable you to fix basic errors such as miss-spelled titles or duplicate releases. All suggested fixes are only approved after other users of the site have had a chance to review them.
Posted by mazadillon on 05/08/2011

I finally got around to tidying up most of the singles and artists that have got featured artists listed in inconsistent ways. Now all an artist's releases should be visible from their page with any featured artists listed in the title of the release. This will result in some broken links but should make it easier for people to find odd releases that I get asked about.
Posted by mazadillon on 16/07/2011

There's been a lot of problems with the site recently, firstly the site was compromised and adverts injected by hackers. Then in my efforts to clean up after the hack and protect against future invasions I managed to break something somewhere. Apologies for all the inconvenience caused, and thanks to all the kind people who emailed to let me know the detail of the problem.
Posted by mazadillon on 14/06/2011

I've now added links onto the release pages to help people to find songs to buy. I'm receiving fairly regular emails from website users who are asking me if I will sell them one of the singles listed on the site, now there are some resources to help them find the music without bothering me. So far there are links to Matt's CD Singles and to amazon UK.
Posted by mazadillon on 08/05/2011

I've done quite a bit of work on the site this evening, the new charts have been added using a new mechanism which should be a significant improvement on the previous system. If you notice any bugs please let me know using the contact page.
Posted by mazadillon on 25/04/2011

I have now set the website to use the new database backend by default. You can also try out the new editing system for approving uploaded cover art, you will need to log in using an OpenID to contribute to the site. You can give it a try here
Posted by mazadillon on 02/12/2010

I have done some more work on the new database backend and have now got graphs working on release and artist pages. I've also finally got around to fix a few bugs in the chart pages on the new backend. I'm hoping to switch over to using the new backend by default some time soon, in the mean time please try it out and contact me about any bugs.
Posted by mazadillon on 27/10/2010

I have now got a beta version of the new database backend up and running for testing purposes. If you would like to turn on the different database backend and try it out then you can do so here. You can turn on or off the new database backend. At present the two datasets are identical, the new backend doesn't currently have graphs and the information is laid out in a slightly different way. Let me know your feedback on the contact page.
Posted by mazadillon on 26/07/2010

So it appears that the official charts company has given their website quite an overhaul and they now include an archive of the charts going back to the 1960's. I wonder where they got that idea from? In their wisdom they have also stopped listing the top 100 and now only list the top 40 chart (hence that being all I have). Stand by for more progress on the transition to a new database backend and more user interactivity as I get the time to program it.
Posted by mazadillon on 06/04/2010